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Hunter’s Honeys
I have just published my first book on Amazon. It's split into two parts as some of it was posted on-line before under the title Cam Girls, or there is the 33k word collection in book one.

“Mark had no time for the hotel he had inherited, he was only interested in building his photography studio. That is until the money problems start. His new dominant wife suggests a way out, renting the studio to the enigmatic Ms. Hunter so she can film fetish movies.

It is not long before Mark is surrounded by a sea of beautiful women in latex and leather, but what will happen when an actor misses the shoot and Mark is the only one free to step in?

Hunter’s Honeys is the first part in a new series exploring the world of Ms. Hunter. Follow Mark as he begins his training in feminization, humiliation and lots of domination, as he is moulded into becoming one of Hunter’s Honeys”.

I am working on the second part now and plan for there to be at least 2 to 3 more books in the series, but I also have a few additional short stories ideas following other characters. I would really love to hear what you think.


Amazon US
Amazon UK
Hi Nicole!

Welcome to the PDQ Forum. It sounds like you have a best seller on your hands.

It will be great having you participate here.

I and others, I'm sure, would love to know a little bit about your background. Why not post an Introduction when you get a chance?

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

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