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Threat carried out
(05-08-2019, 02:52 PM)Ralph Wrote: Karen is coming over soon and I am supposed to open Amazon packages in front of them.not sure what’s in them.No mittens I hope

Oh I do hope there are mittens and pink romper suits, perhaps even some pacifiers and baby bottles!

Please please tell us all before your little bottom is all scarlet and very warm

Heart Heart Heart
There were some suprises in the package for sure. An OTK paddle with holes .The giggled and said It’s really going to burn.No mittens,A pair of plastic pants with saying on it .”just spanked”And you were right a romper .There were 2 other packages and they said they were going to save them for later in the week. They said try on the plastic pants and stand in the corner with them on.I made the mistake of saying but I haven’t been just spanked. Wrong thing to say obviously.karen said bring me your new paddle and get over, my knee.20 min later in the corner.
Hehehee It's like I can read Mommy and Aunty Karens minds.

Still excited as two packages left!

Heart Heart Heart
Usually no one would know that i am babied all the time . Wear the usual adult clothes . Do the usual adult things . Until mommie has her friends over and mommie decides to show them my new diaper cover panties . Something she has always threatened to do in public .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Nappy punishment was something that my sister and I were accustomed to but there are four occasions aside from this when mother carried out specific additional threats:

1. Of my sister had been naughty mother would make her go to school in a skirt instead of trousers. As a tomboy, she didn’t like this as it meant she had to constantly make sure she wasn’t flashing her knickers when playing football. On this particular day, she refused to wear the skirt and after much ado, my sister ended up having to wear a nappy under her skirt. Mother made her drink lots of water before going out and the result was she ended up having to try and hide her sodden nappy above the hem of her skirt. She knew the punishment would be severe if she tried to just dispose of the nappy do football was definitely out that day.
2. The concept of making us drink lots of water while in nappies was something that mother used regularly, usually to make sure we wet our nappies at night for the full experience. On this occasion, I objected to wearing nappies to bed during my punishment. Mother actually acquiesced but I soon realised my mistake. I still had to drink the same amount of water but go to bed without the nappy. This meant having to deliberately wet the bed and wake up during the night to wet my bed further. It is the only time I have regretted not wearing a nappy.
3. One of the most common punishments was Lolita nappy punishment where we had to wear a nappy under a really prissy Lolita dress and use the nappies for the intended purposes. On this particular day, my sister and I had both messed ourselves. Unfortunately, we weren’t always changed straight away and as the smell was getting up, we complained to mother. She eventually agreed to change our nappies but unbelievably she changed us into each other’s nappy. My sister had to go to bed wearing my messy nappy and I wearing her messy nappy (which obviously we had to further use).
4. Shortly before going on holiday one year, I was caught smoking. This resulted in being told I was to spend the full fortnight in nappies 24/7. I was wearing boy’s clothes but the bulk of the nappy and occasional stink must have given me away. Anyway, one of the key rules was that I had to wear a nappy for one full hour after having used it. On this particular day, I had just messed myself and having told mother (so she could start the clock) I meandered round the pool and basically anything to minimise the spread of the mess. Anyway, mother clocked me and deliberately spread it out across my rear before making me sit in it. Having to spend a full hour sat in my mess which covered my entire rear was truly gross.

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