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Threat carried out
wife just put me in diapers first time ,cloth and plastic panties.Im so embarrassed  Angry
There there… suck on your dummy.. all safe and dry now.

Heart Heart Heart
(05-01-2019, 01:05 AM)Ralph Wrote: wife just put me in diapers first time ,cloth and plastic panties.Im so embarrassed  Angry

Always remember  Mummy knows  best  and now  youre utlist  safe  from embarising  " accidents    Tongue

She made me go kitchen in diapers for breakfast with only t shirt on.I was so nervous a neighbor lady might come over for coffee and see me .She said that’s no big thing I already told her in diapers.In fact she said she went on Amazon and ordered you several pairs of plastic snap on panties with cute designs. She said in fact she’s coming over this afternoon soon need to make a fuss.If you do you know my hay is always in m6 purse
Oh Ralph... Aren't you such a cutie! It appears your Mummy wants to show off her new baby!  Shy 

Hopefully Mummy has also got you some nice baby tops too.. like these, best tell Mummy


Perhaps you both should ask the neighbours over.  Sad 

Heart Heart Heart
Oh my no too embarrassed just thinking about her seeing me and knowing I’m diapered..Wive says shouldn’t be thinking like that and I’ll get used to her seeing me .If you think that’s going to make your face red wait till you need changed or spanked when she’s here
Oh Ralph..  Rolleyes 

Two ladies changing you.. lots of baby wipes, talcum powder and nappy cream...

As you lay on a changing mat suckling your dummy(pacifier) 

Now after a nice warm milk bottle....

Heart Heart Heart
Oh no Wife just called her and she said she’s on her way ,and said she’s tickled I’m so embarrassed.Told wife that’s the most fun part for her

Did I do the buddy list correctly
Ralph.. yes... have you  just a nappy, plastic pants and a pink top on?

Oh the embarrassment, the look on her face... the checking..

Wet nappy isn't it...

Change time!  Big Grin 

I do hope you wife and neighbour have fun...

Please tell

Heart Heart Heart
No tee shirt white have no tops

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