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The Boys Can Be Princesses,Too Project
The Boys Can Be Princesses, Too Project is: "a series of photos of little boys dressed as their favorite princesses -- together with their favorite princesses! The photos highlight the pure happiness and joy the boys feel when wearing a dress."
"...our goal here is to show these boys and world that it is perfectly acceptable for boys to admire and even dress like princesses. I want to show them it's ok for boys to dress up as their heroes, even if that means they're twirling around in a ball gown."
Thanks for sharing. At least one has a very feminine hairstyle, suggesting this is more than just a casual interest on his part.
(04-28-2019, 02:06 AM)Conway Wrote: Thanks for sharing. At least one has a very feminine hairstyle, suggesting this is more than just a casual interest on his part.

The princesses look extremely cute, which just goes to show that boys can be princesses too!  A great way to introduce boys to femininity and to breakdown their innate resistance to it!

Thanks for sharing, I have some fun conversations with a few of the boy princess mothers. This is not a one time thing the boys were dresses often even to school and very much enjoy being princesses. The world is changing for the better and this is just the beginning of the new female world order.

(01-06-2020, 07:49 AM)Lssy Wrote:

 Great pictures thanks for sharing. This is just a small glimpse into the expanding world of princess boys.
A big step towards Gender Role Reversal.  I love to see children with beautiful dresses (and I imagine that with beautiful panties underneath).  The only thing I miss is that mothers are not dressed in pants.  Those children in the future will go to school with skirts, feeling princesses, and the girls will be the warrior princes.
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles
I totally love this idea! I would've LOVED to be in a photo shoot with Ariel, my favorite princess. Maybe even some behind-the-scenes shots too Wink I know, Ariel's a mermaid, but she's still princess-y; the Little Mermaid came out when I was 9, so I would've been perfect for this. But, last time I checked, no time machine has been invented yet, so I'll keep enjoying the memory of being called "princess Tommy" by an adult who knew what kind of boy I was Smile
(01-14-2020, 06:57 AM)satin_sissy_lisa Wrote: What a wonderful, wonderful idea.

I would have loved as a young boy to have been given a gift card as a birthday present and my mother telling me I can dress up as a Princess...

Hi Lisa, 
Which princess did you like the most? Smile

Princess Tommy
(01-14-2020, 06:31 PM)satin_sissy_lisa Wrote: Oh I really do think Tommy, it is a case of so many princess dresses so little time.

Really? No favorite?

My top three were/are: Ariel, Cinderella, and then Belle. Plus, they all wear different color dresses (pink, light blue, and yellow respectively) which would've made a nice assortment for my photo shoot Big Grin

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