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Time for Gender Switch or Fluidity
I think it is time for the roles to be flipped.  Schools need to allow boys and girls more fluidity in how they want to dress.  Parents should also encourage this behavior.  There is nothing wrong with a girl dressing as a boy, as a matter of fact it is praised when a girl does this.  The same form of praise should be given to boys who wear dresses and skirts.  Let boys experience all the joys of girlhood as girls are allowed to do so.

And in sports as well.

Or if a boy wants to just enjoy the softness of these clothes as opposed to the rough fabrics they have to endure.

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The complete and total expression of gender should be up to each individual, not others, or by their own genitals.
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I fully agree Melodie. Many more boys would wear dresses, skirts, tights, panties, etc. if others were more accepting. This acceptance needs to begin with schools creating a safe environment for such self expression.
Agreed, this is long overdue. The key is empowering mothers to break the gender barriers and start dressing their sons in dresses, putting them in ballet tutus, and beauty pageants. Its become common now for girls to wear pants, play sports and generally behave like boys, now its time for boy to dress and behave like girls used too.
As someone to which this applied for a very long time I quite agree because a person owns the sense of their gender identity sensing it from a very early age and all that is required is some consistency around names and the pronouns you're comfortable with the make social interaction as smooth as possible for you and all in your life.
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