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Challenge #1, Find The Boys
I have had these pictures for awhile.  So here is the Challenge, find where the boys are in their dresses.  PLease respond if you find them and state where they are.

the second is at a party

And the third also is at a party.

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In photo #3, from the left, 4-7-10 are boys, I think, and #4 is happiest 'cuz she's got the cutest dress!
For #1 its hard to say, I believe the two way in the back are boys, there is a chance they are all boys.
For #2 I say there are 2 boys - #4-5.
For #3 I say there are 7 boys - #4-5 #7-11.
here are the answers. Picture #1, is #s, back circle #2, 12 & 17, front circle #s 1, 2, 7 &9.
Picture #2 scroll down they are identified at their feet.
Picture #3 they boys are from left to right #7, 8, 9, & 10
Hi Melodie. Sorry I came late to the thread. I picked three of the seven in picture #1, saw the names at the feet in picture #2 (but would never have picked Robert) and in picture #3 got 7 & 10 right, couldn't see 8 and missed 9 (wrongly chose 4). Do you have any more? This is fun.

Just curious how you came into possession of these pics. Were you a participant as a child or did you attend as an adult?
Thanks melodie, great set of pictures. Boys dressing up happens more than anyone realizes. Do you have any more information about the pictures, the last one looks like a party or something.
I really like the first picture. I wish I had went to that school as I would have come dressed in one of the schoolgirls uniform.
(09-15-2016, 02:17 PM)Sissy Renee Wrote: In photo #3, from the left, 4-7-10 are boys, I think, and #4 is happiest 'cuz she's got the cutest dress!

  7 and 10 do not look real happy to be  in the picture. I can certainly beliieve they are boys.

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