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Taking baby's temperature
His mother had kept him in nappies for nearly a week now, punishment for being so mean to his little sister.

When he'd said he was feeling poorly she'd treated him just like a little baby, loosening off his nappy and sticking the thermometer up his bum to take his temperature.

Taking baby's temperature
My aunt Erna used to take my temperature that way, we’ll int my 20’s. She was very “matter of fact” in her manner, and there was no resisting. So I didn’t try. It was somewhat humiliating at first, but after a few times, it seemed comforting. She would pull my panties down to my ankles, and have me lie face down on the bed with a pillow under my stomach forcing my bottom up. She would insert a thermometer and hold it there for two or three minutes between her fingers with her hand resting on my bottom. She would then withdraw it, tell me to lie still, and she left the room. She would then return a few minutes later, and explain that she didn’t “trust” the first reading, and she told me to roll over.
Then, she took my panties off my ankles, placed the pillow under my bottom, had me spread my legs and draw my knees up. I was then instructed to grad my ankles, with my bottom and penis fully on display. I began to get a little excited, but she had no reaction. She then slowly inserted a much larger thermometer deep into my bottom. This time it would remain there for 10 minutes, during which time she would rub my tummy, occasionally manipulating and twirling the thermometer.
Finally she would remove it, and if I had a temperature (which I always seemed to), she would tell me to leave my panties off, get under the covers, and she would return in an hour and take it again. All in all, a comforting and fond memory.
Here’s a modern way to do it. It’s made by Vick's, also known for its chest rub. A cruel Nurse would use both products at the same time, with the chest rub as lubricant! 


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