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anyone can change
This morning my wife came home to find me bending over unloading the dishwasher wearing polka dot panties and a shirt.  She walked over, gave me a passionate kiss and minutes later we were making love.  After she stood up, smacked me several times on my naked butt and told me to put my panties back on.  This is very different than the man i once was who was fired from a company because i made fun of career, and particularly mocked a woman who was dressed in a fine business suit.  i still often fight obedience and submission but my wife is teaching me that when i obey and serve i get rewards.  To Ms. RadFem's point, yes all males are brats it's in our DNA and we need (yes need) all women to take control of all men.  all males should be in chastity and panties.  If a woman wants her property to have muscles and a certain physique that's fine because she will still have total control over him and he will still wear panties, skirts, stockings, heels and be at her beck and call 24/7.  Women need to gain confidence and take control.  It will be better for everyone.  If i can change anyone can.  although i still need my wife to hold me accountable for my backtalk and resistance, i am hopeful (yet very scared) that one day she will take me over her knee.  True obedience only starts when the male property does what it is told even when it doesn't want to.
You are very fortunate that she still allows you to enter her. From the tone of your post, you hardly seem deserving of such a privilege!
(04-02-2019, 04:56 PM)Littlegurlemily Wrote: True obedience only starts when the male property does what it is told even when it doesn't want to.

So true and once a female master can achieve this step her sissy will never be a male again! What most females master don't realize is men really want us to control them, their feeble brains can be easily taught to serve. Putting them into panties and skirts is just fun and reward for all the hard work.

Yes RadicalFeminist is correct, as always, and male brains are insanely weak and we can be easily trained like a circus animal. All males just need owners who will train us. I was at a party and one of the college age daughters plays rugby. I laughed a bit saying I didn't know girls play rugby, the look I got demonstrated how out of touch I am and my need for reconditioning. This young Woman is also in engineering, and she looked at me in the eyes and said there are way too many white men in her field but that is changing. Yes a 20 yr old Woman made a 50 yr old man feel small and insignificant.

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