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Mom talks about my spankings
Angry My mom when I was growning up often talked with her girlfriends about how she disciplined me.I often heard her on phone telling neighbor lady to come over  for coffee but to wait for 1/ 2 hr because I neeeded to be spanked .so embarrassing esp when she did come over I was in kitchen with Mom and she shook Moms hand and said congratulations more teens needed to be spanked and she told her she hoped she pulled my underpants down for it. Mom looked at me and said well tell her. I had to tell her Mom turned me over her knee and she pulled my underpants down and spanked me with a short wooden paddle she bought especially for OTK spankings.i was scarlet in the face and  neighbor lady said  I’ll bet your bottom is as red as your face.
Moms love to brag!
Everytime I saw this lady she asked me if I was a good boy and said I know you’re still put over moms knees and having your panties pulled down when I needed it .I told underpants not panties. she clapped my face in her hands and said we’ll see. I have some suggestions for your Mom
Now if/when your wife passes this method on to your wife, then you have a legacy...

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