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Punishment embarrassing
My so got this suggestion from my mom when I was growing up. Mom thought part of punishment was embarrassment . she had a spanking paddle hanging up in kitchen with my name on it . led to many embarrassing comments from neighbors ,her gf having coffee. If I was in room with them they would offen ask if I still got spanked at 14,15,16 ,17. I would try to advad ? But mom would let me . She would say tell her Ralph. They would often giggle and then tell. Her they  agreed more teens should be spanked and it seems to work well on me. They would sometimes as her. About methods such as OTK etc and worst one bare bottom or on pants or underpants.One even suggested she put me in the corner with pants and underpants down for 20 min after being spanked. More than one offered to stay with me if she had trip out of town and assured her they could administer a very effective OTK spanking .They all told her they spanked bare bottom because it was safer ,could judge redness and areas that needed spanked,not to mention that pulling down My underpants when I was over her knee would show me who’s in charge and show me I wasn’t too old to be spanked .

I had the same thing with a cane. It wasn't often used on me, but if I behaved badly when we had visitors it was taken out and shown to them, with the threat that if I didn't behave better it would be used on me in front of our guests.
I didn't have a specific paddle or cane when I was a child. But I did have my own little girls and even baby clothes I was sometimes made to wear.

When my clothes had been washed Mummy treated them like any other of our clothes, so they were hung out to dry on the washing line, or left in a pile on the kitchen table ready for ironing. So if anyone was coming round I'd beg, often unsuccessfully, for them to be put away before our visitors arrived.

Sometimes Mummy would even wait until they arrived and then hand me a pile of frilly knickers, tights, baby knickers, nappies etc and say something like "Oops, I forgot your things were still out, Ali. Be a good boy and put them away in your drawers, would you?"

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