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International male Chastity Day ?
Recently i came across two references to something called   INTERNATIONAL male CHASTITY DAY   but they are of different dates: January 14  and February 15 (this i could note find an image for).   Does anyone know of which, if any, carry more validity?

[Image: 647082be34b77c041e851834bcdd0f2c.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_pkq0b8Kim11rt9euro1_1280.png]
It seems to me that this idea won't gain wide mainstream popularity until a female-owned company begins manufacturing and selling an inexpensive male chastity device that is intended for casual and professional use. My personal idea is for a one-time use device made of tyvek and adhesive that has RFID monitoring capability. The metal and plastic devices are good, but more suitable for serious long term relationships.

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