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Sissyfied by the Beauticians
Mom tricked him into going with her to the beauty parlor. He thought he would wait until they finished with Mom but discovered the appointment was really for him.  He is forcibly feminized.

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Tom Lott
Tongue Big Grin   Wonderfully appropriate retribution.... love to see the product of Their handiwork when finished.
Absolutely adore that image! Though you wouldn’t have to force me. When I was young my mother used to take me with her to the beauty salon. Her long time hairdresser opened a salon in her home, that was fully equipped with two sink / stations - overhead hairdryers - the works. I would go and help - had my own cape there that I wore. It was so much fun. Usually I was with her, but sometimes she would just drop me off, and I would spend an afternoon helping other ladies.
Nowadays I go with my mother-in-law, and feel very much a home and a little excited with each visit!

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