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Sissyfied by Schoolgirls
Schoolgirls show a macho bully that there is strength in female numbers as they humiliate him.

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Tom Lott
Delightful comeuppance for the modern male girl who once kept thoughts of the false superiority of being a boy!

Understand the young Women have so re-trained the cute little male missy that they have the dear sweetie report to assembly every week to perform a dainty new poem 'she' has to make up and recite before the entire audience....

This week the ex-male bully tearfully recited:

"We males thought we were the stronger sex
And forever would be first place
But now we dress quite daintily
In heels, skirts and lace.

Females now all laugh at us
As we curtsy to Their command
Because WOMAN is Superior
This at last we understand...

*whimper* *pout*

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