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When a woman reasons away your maleness!
From an autobiographical story I wrote.

How many here have had women reason away their sex rights, as their maleness?

Once we were headed to our favorite take out restaurant to pick up some food I had ordered by phone before a trip to a motel. Under my jeans I wore pink panties, a pink garter belt and pink stockings as per her orders, in a bag I had a bra and nightie she had purchased for me and some other items. As I drove, she smiled at me as she touched my garters holding up stockings under my jeans as my wee-wee clit hardened, tucked between my legs. She was going on about our future together and how things, her way, were going be.

"Sometimes, of course you realize, I am going to need to have sex with real adults, perhaps even some real women because I've always wanted to try that and it's time for that to happen. And of course with real men. I need some real big and hard cock, I crave it, I ache for it sometimes. You know I need sexual satisfaction with people who are nothing at all like you, little girl. I as an adult woman need these things, because sometimes you really don't do it that much for me, as hard as you try. I just don't know what I'm going to do with you. Sometimes too, I really get tried of your annoying sissy horniness. I tell you to keep your panties dry and clean for me, but you don't do that very well either, do you young lady? What am I going to do with you? What am I going to do with you? Humm... maybe I should just have you fixed. There's a good idea! Don't you think so? We'll get your labia surgically altered. Or maybe really we should just get you a sex change. Of course, that's even better! You'd be agreeable to that, wouldn't you? Of course you would, my obedient little girl! I could show you off to all of my girlfriends or anyone else and you could serve all of us. Just imagine the fun I will have ordering you to lift your skirts and showing everyone your pretty panties; then pulling your panties down and showing off your new anatomically correct pussy to all my girlfriends. I could even show them what little you have before I get you fixed. I could take pictures, before and after, although there wouldn't be too much difference. Then you'd be truly and forever conquered. After all, you'd probably love getting to wear
feminine clothes all the time. And your panties and bras would fit you so much better. Just try to think, if you can, I know it's hard for you to do that. You would have that perfect feminine smoothness between your legs and in the front keeping your panties looking proper and girlish all the time. Then you'd really have to always sit to make pee-pee and wipe yourself afterwards, not cheating like you sometimes stupidly do now, forgetting to do it properly and get spanked for your silly simple minded, air headed mistakes. I think you like to make mistakes because you like being spanked sometimes. Do you like to make me angry? No matter. I know you'd like being turned into real girl wouldn't you, sissy? A kind of female Pinocchio, a pinocchia? A real little girl. Eventually after your surgery, we could go cock hunting together; I'd be the gorgeous one and you would be the plain looking tag along friend who gets my leftovers." "Of course Mistress, anything you want is fine with me, I am yours to command, you are mine to serve" I responded. Looking toward the restaurant from the car we sat in she said, "I think our dinner is ready. Go and fetch our dinner sissy girl," she commanded.

"But Mistress, I can't," I replied in trepidation.
"What do you mean?" she questioned.

Without thinking properly I responded, "You got me so excited I now have a huge hard-on, see."

She became enraged, "A huge hard-on, a huge hard-on? I do not see any huge hard-on! How can you have a huge hard-on? Girls don't get huge hard-ons, only boys do! You just can't get a huge hard -on between your legs. You're just not capable. You are a girl, not a boy. Are you trying to tease me pretending there is a cock I can use around here? I'll even prove it to you stupid little pussy. What are you wearing under those clothes?

Answer me!

Are they men's shorts or are they pink girlish feminine panties? Answer Me!" she yelled as I deliciously cringed inside.
"Panties," I responded.

"Right. Now, do males wear pink panties or do females?"

"Females wear pink panties, Mistress."

"That's correct! So, what does that make you, a male, or a female?"

"A female, Mistress."

"Correct. Now do females have cocks hanging from between their legs that erect into huge hard-ons?"

"No Mistress, they don't..."

"What you meant to say was, 'no Mistress, we don't', didn't you?"

"Yes Mistress, no we don't have cocks that erect into huge hard-ons hanging
from between our legs.'"

"What do we have in our panties?" she continued.

"I have a pussy in my panties and you have your beautiful cunt in your
panties, Mistress," I meekly answered.

"And what happens to a girl like you when a woman like me gets her excited."

"Her panties get all wet," I said panting.

"That's correct. What else," she pressed.

"Her nipples harden, her clit gets all swollen and throbs and her labia
swells up too."

"So since you so poorly tried to tell me I got you excited, say it properly
now, you stupid simple minded pussy."

"I can't go in there, Mistress, because you made my panties get all wet."


"Someone might notice."

"Nonsense, I go plenty of places every day with my panties all wet and no one
has ever noticed. Do you think you're prettier than I am? Do you'd think
they'd notice a plain flat chested girl like you with wet panties or before
they'd notice me with my panties all wet."

"They'd notice you always my gorgeous Mistress."

"Of course, then go get our dinner." And I did, with a huge, er... with wet
panties and all.
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.

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