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Clickbait Rats - Chapter Two
Lots of crossdressing and female dominant themes in the Burroughsian fiction I'm writing.

"But who the hell can even dream of P.P.P. these days?" Grandparental Unit Number Four sighs. "I miss the good ol' days. The cold hard plastic of Debit Cards."

"We call it Three-P these days, Grand-Four," replied the freshly indoctrinated Double Offspring. "But yeah, I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you are here for my graduation." Double Offspring places delicate hands on Grand-Four's worn fingers.

"I know this isn't easy for you. Things have changed so much in your lifetime. But... I hope you are happy for me?"

Double Offspring smiles, flutter eyelids in a way that reminds Grand-Four of how his now deceased wife used to look back in her prime.

"You look just like your Grandma in her twenties... when we first..."

"Aw," replied his grandson whilst curtsying, "that's so kind and sweet of you, Grand-Four."

Tottering on his heels, handbag in one hand, the other holding his large hat onto his head of long, curled locks. The breeze blows the skirt hem of his polka-dot dress about his legs in a sensual way. His girlfriend, dressed in a form fitting and flared black trouser suit grabs him round the waist and kisses him forcefully. Swooning to her directions.

Parental Unit Number One observes this. She is so proud of her son. So proud he's found a strong feminist woman to love and protect him, and hopefully (she crosses her fingers and makes a wish) a woman that will propose and make him a real man.

"As we all know," she has often preached at dinner parties, "a real man is a man not afraid of being a wife. A real man proves his true worth by discarding all forms of masculinity. As has long been established all masculinity is toxic." The dinner party attendees all chuckle and nod in agreement.

"So the logical conclusion is," she continues, "that all males must become the opposite of Masculinised Units. They must become Feminised Units to reach their true potential."

The dinner party attendees bang the table or clink their glasses and say "Hear, hear," or "Well said," or some such other cliché to indicate submissive social conformity. Everyone is on the look out for the slightest signs of disagreement or dissent. The smallest facial inflection can often be used as damming evidence for ostracisation.

Parental Unit Number One says "Cheerio!" to the last dinner party attendee when they politefully leave. She closes the front door. Pivots round. She activates her pheromones. They float down the corridor. Parental Unit Number Two succumbs to them. Submits to submissiveness. Enters the Image Flash Zone and is resurrected as the embodiment of subconscious fantasy. Intensely sexual dimension. He steps out in the most confident outfit of all: the epitome of femininity, and makes the most sensual love to his first that they have ever know. So much so, she let's him be first for a while, every now and then, as a privilege.

"Such reversals of power are commonplace these days," says the Professor wearing kinky boots and a wraparound dress, standing in front of a high definition projection of the above events at the front of a typical university lecture hall. The course is Contemporary Sexual Narratives.

"It is only natural, after all," The Professor continues, blushing as the projection cuts to a scene from an encrypted film. A French boy in an Italian dress loses his virginity to a German girl wearing an English strap-on.

Students leave the lecture hall empowered. Eager beavers flutter round the Professor like groupees around a Rock Star. Curtsies all round and a chorus of "Goddess Save The Disney Princess" and everyone was happy according to the official doctrine.

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