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Ballet Dad
Hi everyone.

There was an interesting story in yesterday's (13th Feb) copy of The Sun newspaper. It centred on a man in his 30's who has Asperger's Syndrome. In order to bond with his young daughter, he has taken up Ballet lessons. (They do not take the same class, but get still manage to get together at the same Ballet School).

What was interesting about the article is that there was a colour photograph of him in his dance-clothes, standing next to his young daughter. (Also wearing dance-clothes). He was pictured wearing a (Navy Blue?) sleeveless, footed catsuit. (Very nice!).

His comment towards the end of the article was interesting - he said that he "Wanted to be a Ballerina". I think that most Male Sissies would like to don a Ballerina outfit and be made to perform in front of an audience of dominant women. (I know I would!)  Smile

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