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Males should get what they don't want
Mistress Scarlet's first words in this thread were "I hope this is not too controversial."

It certainly is controversial and so has provoked an interesting discussion.

Mistress Scarlet, if you advocate a position and label it as controversial, why on earth do you take umbrage when folks disagree or ask questions?

You have not been attacked but your views challenged. Please keep that distinction in mind as you post.

You ended your first post with these words: "I do hope I have not overstepped the mark."

Your reply to my question, taken as a whole, defines "the mark" for me.
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I honestly do not know which part or parts of my last post crossed the line? I sincerely apologise if it is felt one or more phrases did.

Having been so shocked by the confusion non submissive males have shown in this thread over the dynamic in a relationship between a dominant woman and a truly submissive male, I hope it will help if I explain this. What follows are facts. They are not up for genuine challenge.

First, I have to say in response to Yvette Louise, such relationships are not abuse. The male involved is in awe of and devoted to and addicted to the dominant. He needs what she gives him. And, Yvette Louise, there is no pretending consent is or is not given for many of the activities. Consent is not given. There is no pretending. Nor does the male want to be given the opportunity to consent. If he were, he would not get what he craves, which is to be profoundly under the control of another. 

Truly submissive men need and crave a woman demonstrating her power over them by having them endure things they do not like because this is the most convincing proof. Truly submissive men are sad and discontented if they are asked to give consent because they are not then truly being controlled by another. They need and crave to be controlled by another. Truly submissive men have amazing courage because they knowingly put themselves in a position where they will have to endure whatever their Mistress chooses, often forever, knowing they will not like a great deal of it. (A courage many men do not have.) It is obviously a paradox for the submissive to have to endure things they do not like, in order to sleep with complete contentment and peace. But it is how they are. Like how gay people are. Not a choice.

Dominants like me enjoy owning a submissive. We enjoy what we get from it. It is a perfect symbiosis.

And in response to Moderator M, the dominant does not need to ever risk the health and safety of the submissive. Their well trained  submissive is precious to them; why on earth would they?  There are a million and one ways to have the submissive endure things they do not like which are utterly safe. Humiliation through petticoating is one of them. Petticoat discipline.

I do not know why these facts have disturbed those that they have. I do not know why non-submissive males are trying to shoehorn their predilections into the word DISCIPLINE. A square peg into a round hole. It goes without saying that I have no problem at all with non-submissive males here or their predilections. Surely this is a forum of live and let live? I am truly sorry that feathers are ruffled. Obviously I get irritated if I describe the dynamic of how my husband and I live, (and many couples I know), and I get told that is not how I live. Sorry again though for any offense caused.

Just in case these facts I have set out continue to be challenged, here is a tiny sample of the hundreds of testimonials I have had sent to me from submissive males:

.................... your core reading of the needs of submission, boiling things down to the fact that some kinds of men just sleep better at night having been forced by a dominant woman to do things that do not want to do, and that they do not rest easy in their soul unless this happens, is one of the most insightful and succinct summations I’ve come across.................

...I absolutely adore your blog and your style and for myself personally, Your blog is the best thing to read for Femdom...
...I absolutely love the idea of a manual written by You, Mistress Scarlet! Your methods, Your innate sadism, Your full and complete understanding of the submissive psyche make You uniquely qualified to write such a manual, Ma’am! As a submissive, I absolutely adore You for Your understanding of, and Your ability to describe in words the true nature of the submissive…how he/she can only be contented when his/her submissive nature is fully exploited…
...I am a huge fan of you and your writing. Thank you for everything...
...Your style of Domination has always fascinated me.....… because it is real….... not fluffed up like so many others…... and Your writings are superb...
...Such a key and insightful diagnosis of the major fall-down point for beginning F/m-D/s relationships...
...Such wise words spoken again by Mistress Scarlet – I can totally understand where You are coming from...
...............Ms. Scarlet, BTW, I truly do love both your relationship with BB, and your blog. I quote you often in my own blog, and you are an inspiration to both myself and my Mistress...
...You are the most amazing dominant in thought and deed that I have seen represented on the Internet...
...Your blog and Journals have proved to be a boon to our relationship...

...Just wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing this image and your thoughts. It’s so easy as an un-owned submissive male to believe the lifestyle is nothing but 100% pure fantasy based on most images around. But your blog and Tumblr do an excellent job of showcasing the reality of the lifestyle, which is much more exciting than any of the “fanciful material” out there. Your curation on your Tumblr is fantastic.

...I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and just wanted to express my thanks for taking the time and energy to share your lifestyle with the world. I assure you it’s made a difference in helping me examine my own submission, and I’m sure countless others on both sides of the whip as well...

...Greetings Mistress Scarlet and thank you so much for the continued blogging which makes all our lives that much better...

...You’ve been so very generous to grace Your followers with 11 wonderful publications…simply the best femdom literature ever published!

Mistress Scarlet
Thank you, Mistress Scarlet, for a conciliatory response.

We can disagree even about strongly held opinions and remain respectful.

I appreciate your further explanation.
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ModeratorM Cool
Truly welcome reconciliation on the part of some of the strongly expressed differences here.  One thing NOT needed is to discourage any truly Gynocratic Females at this site --- if we males are left only to our own bantering and/or devices... the entire messages of Female Empowerment may be weakened if not made void.

personally thank You MZ SCARLET... *offered curtsy*
Wow!  This is one of the best and intense threads I have read on the subject of "discipline" in regard to FLR.  It shows that there are two distinct types of discipline and I would advocate that "at times" those two types may be closely entwined.  If a dominant female requires of her male to wear feminine clothing as part of her disciplining and control of him, I would say that this may be described as the "Female-led side of discipline", where she is demanding the wearing as a punishment or control.  The "male side of discipline", however is, having been required by his superior to wear feminine clothing, takes pride in ensuring that he wears them absolutely perfectly, with perfectly straight seams, perfectly tightened corsetry, perfectly matching items, all with a view to showing the utmost respect to his superior and providing her with the "best possible" result, rather than a mis-mash of items thrown together, looking like something he wears, just to "get it over with".  Most males are not physically able to pass as female and that is beyond anything they have control over, but that does not stop them showing the discipline required to wear the items "correctly".  Through the years, women having been required to wear a variety of types of clothing and have illustrated that there is a huge range of difference, when wearing the same type of clothing, with pride and discipline and when just putting it on.    The look can go from polished and classy, to cheap and trashy.  Whilst I can never pass, I do try to co-ordinate colours, ensure seams are straight, ensure no ladders or snags in nylons, shoes are clean and any outer clothing are properly pressed - to make myself pass, NO, to show respect to my wife and other women, YES.  Just my humble, respectful opinion.
Alexandra - A maid in service, is a happy maid.
Although the following picture has a caption that for all practical purposes  had nothing to do with the copy added, it may also be relevant as a common dynamic to the original question of this thread (which has gotten off into various interesting tangents).

[Image: tumblr_oyfc5a3lQa1weir12o1_500.jpg]

That of what does happen when a male -  initially approaching Female First Fantasy finds it ignites in Women a true awakening in desire to exercise Female Supremacy... perhaps even beyond his ability to accept?

Kind of amusing to see how then it is the male who finds the dilemma of adjusting to a permanent lifestyle that now is the budding Female Master's goal rather than was orchestrated by him.    Any thoughts?  Any real life examples?  Any amusement at such consequence?
Dear Mistress Scarlet
It is such a pleasure to read your forthright comments and philosophies on life in an FLR relationship. My own husband is subjected to humiliating experiences almost daily as he is no longer the male in the house but is now the 'Baby Boy' of the Family and as such is treated as one something he dislikes intensively but knows that if he wants to remain in MY house he must do as I wish without hesitation or reluctance of any kind. He is constantly made to experience situations which he finds excruciatingly 'uncomfortable' and watching his expressions of shame is absolutely delightful. He is still required to attend work however his monthly salary is deposited into my bank account and providing his behaviour and performance has proved acceptable he is sometimes allowed a pitiful amount of pocket money once  month. At home there is a strict dress code where Adult clothing of any kind is strictly forbidden. Instead he is required to wear nappies, plastic panties and tiny little T shirts during the weekends so that his shameful baby pants are always clearly on view. If guests are visiting I sometimes dress him in one of his little Party Dresses but his Babypants are always helplessly displayed no matter who is present. He must suffer the shame of such childish clothing and obediently endure the cruel and caustic comments from other 'more fortunate' Grown Ups. Yes I do beat him regularly not only for correction but for my own enjoyment and to remind him who is in charge not that he now doubts it at all.
There are many household chores which he must complete during the weekend and in this way I am free to entertain guests or go out with friends. My house is spotless and my time is my own.
He knows that I love him and he worships me in the way I wish but having said that I expect him to 'do as he is told' at all times regardless of how unpleasant he may find the experience.
Excellent Courteney, sounds like you have the perfect well trained sissy and smart women like yourself no even well trained sissy need the appropriate level of discipline to ensure they never forget their place.


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