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Males should get what they don't want
I‚Äôm loving all the conversations about this one especially about the two definitions of ‚ÄėDiscipline‚Äô?
I think most of us here agree that the end purpose of this site is to promote the superiority of Females over the present illusion of domination by males and so the present members whether male or Female must already be converts. I think I speak for most males here that we accept feminine behaviour on our part and clothing obviously plays a huge part in this as a first step males being comfortable wearing panties is a natural thing but as RF says, regular satin panties are a world away from Rhumba sissy style panties and while your male may be happy to potter around your house in his sissy little french maids outfit complete with stockings and silky panties, you can bet your bottom dollar he wouldn’t want any of his friends to find out, same goes for when he’s dressed as a little girl. So there is still an element of dominance and control that is until it becomes totally normal for guys to dress in feminine clothes and full role reversal is established ?
(02-11-2019, 06:27 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: Great topic, yes too many will find this subject matter controversial. That is perfectly fine for them this is just a fun fantasy or a hobby of playing dress up. For true successful petticoating, which usually includes some level of forced feminization. Discipline and humiliation are a key ongoing component that are just as important as pretty dresses, panties and heels. For most women petticoating is about taking control and empowering themselves and making their sissy feel helpless and submission. All males even the most sissiest of them have experience or used male privilege and have way too much toxic masculinity for their own good. In fact, some of the most arrogant males I encounter have been the most blatantly obvious sissies who have built up a façade of macho crap to hide behind and had no idea of their sissy potential. Masculinity is really quite fragile and in the hands of a smart empowered women no male is safe.  I am a huge advocate that from the start to be successful petticoating the right level of discipline needs to be used. At a minimum there needs to include daily or more spanking sessions, learning proper feminine mannerisms. For adult males permanent chastity is a must, once you control his birth defect his mind and soul will be yours. He must always feel inferior to females and good daily dose of humiliation goes a long way for his feeble male brain to never forget it. Petticoating doesn’t end once he enjoys playing dress up, the women needs to keep pushing the envelope. In fact, petticoating fundamentally changes the women just as much or more than the helpless sissy.  Love to chat more about this topic anytime you want, feel free to respond or message me directly.

The Radical Feminist

Once more, Mz RadFem, You cut to the quick and are directly pointed in that by Female Masters continually raising the bar of feminization as a means of continual breaking the male even to the point of greater and greater humiliation showing it how meaningless, weak and inferior its sex is in comparison to the Female, even if it brings psychic pain is necessary to show the true relation of Female to male.   The male sex is then in effect made aware it is merely a 'pygmalion'  in the hands of the Female Master to be molded into HER DESIRED PRODUCT - one of such essential feminized nature that 'she' as a male girl no longer exhibits or harbors ANY false 'masculine' pretense.   Such would and should cause 'her' to feels at least some discomfit at the realization of male inferiority, but being an underling being subservient benefit to the Female superior would then be the male sex' true and only calling.   Thereafter any further reigns the Female put (and should put) upon males would be merely helping BOTH sexes to discover their true and natural place in the sexual hierarchy.

(02-12-2019, 03:17 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote:
(02-12-2019, 12:32 AM)micheleFFS Wrote: Mistress Scarlet's question reminds me of the other paradox in our chosen corner of kink:

If women are the superior sex, why is it humiliating for males to be dressed in their clothes?

There a two different aspects going on with males being humiliated by wearing feminine clothing. I specifically picked the term feminine clothing on purpose. Many types of female clothing, even skirts and dresses are quite comfortable. Let be honest what is the different between a kilt and most modern women's skirts? Not much, in reality males only feel humiliated because society has taught him that females are weak so wearing their clothes make him weak. Now wearing skirts or dresses is not petticoating unless the outfits is designed for such a purpose. This is why ultra frilly frocks, petticoats and rumba panties are a must for effective petticoating, corsets, hobble skirts and killer heels too. These types of clothes are feminine and generally not worn by the mass majority of women. So being petticoated and the humiliation that goes with it is more effective when the male is made to wear feminine clothes that most women wouldn't wear. This leads to the last point, a women is free to choose what she wants to wear, a sissy being pettcoated is given no choice, his female master is in charge and he must obey whether that is being told to dress in drab male clothes or the frilliest of dresses. He has no choice which is why he is humiliated.


Great clarification:  once again You emphasize the psychological components of Female Master using 'feminine' attire that Females have learned to have disdain for as  RESTRICTIVE FEMININE devises that NOW are only to be used to show males they are the sex to feel contained and controlled -  and types of clothes Women shall NEVER again be required under any circumstance to feel subject.  

Yes -The male sex shall ultimately never have say on how it may dress in the future, and that if nothing else will make the male understand its very identity is not its choice... but WOMAN's!
(02-11-2019, 06:29 PM)Lesley Wrote: I couldn't agree more with Ms Scarlet. Readers of PDQ will be familiar with my letters over many years detailing my petticoating regime with my husband, Penelope. This I feel is true Petticoat Discipline. The important word here is discipline. The Oxford Dictionary definitions of discipline include "The training of people to obey rules or a code of behaviour" or "Controlled behaviour resulting from such training". The verb, to discipline, is "to formally punish someone for an offence". I don't think that any of those definitions remotely relates to sissies happily crossdressing for their own enjoyment and pleasure. Please don't misunderstand me, I am the very last person to criticise anyone for their lifestyle choices and if their innocent fun provides them happiness and satisfaction then I am all for it, BUT, in no way, can this be considered anything to do with Petticoat Discipline.
The recipient of Petticoat Discipline will not find it a comfortable or enjoyable experience. The macho male being trained and controlled by the wearing of exquisitely feminine attire, and subject to the humiliation of being thus exposed to his wife's friends and relatives, is a million miles away from the happily crossdressed sissies of whom we read. A man who, unwillingly, is dressed as a woman and forced to be subservient to his wife, female relatives or work colleagues is a genuine recipient of Petticoat Discipline in the true sense. Just ask my dear Penelope!

Yes my love your in you lovely frills now let's ejaculate you so you can appreciate the difference between fantasy and petticoat discipline! Yes I know you'll feel like you want to die in five minutes but just think five minutes of fun and it only cost you 14 hours of abject humiliation...what a lucky sissy.

(02-11-2019, 07:42 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: You can have "agreed" forced feminisation where the male believes he is being made to dress as a female against his will, but if you insist on "forced" feminisation then you are making someone do something against their will. 
Has the person who is "forced" into feminisation given their consent to be dressed up as a female? If he has then it is "agreed" forced feminisation, if not then is it not a form of abuse?

Ms Yvette-Louise is, as always, correct; most relationships are consentual even if the male pretends otherwise. A number of people have mentioned masturbaing the sissy in order to archive real unwanted no sexual humiliation. This is completely spot on. If you were the wife of an adulary who was taking revenge on a submissive TV husband than the first thing you'd do every morning, after dressing up time, would be to brutally and prefuctionally empty his testes. Then they would experience true PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE and hate every moment.
I remain as always

Your Deeply Obedient Ever Worshipful Sissy

Sissy Baby Connie Pickles
So how far will you go without consent?

I wrote, earlier in this thread "Absolute nonos for me are electricity (health) and excretia (Ugh!)."

I've had a heart attack.

You are my Superior and refer to me as your sissy and don't expect or care for my consent, only obedience.

Do you...
  • Use a violet wand on me?
  • Use a cattle prod on me?
  • Make me eat shit?
Please give a a reason.
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micheleFFS  Cool
(02-15-2019, 05:02 PM)micheleFFS Wrote: You know how insulting your question is? So I would NEVER be doing anything to YOU because I would only be with a respectful, submissive male who treats women and others with respect.

Anyway, I am not an idiot. If I knew you had a health problem involving electrics, I would not use electrics. Also I never am involved in scat because it is high risk on the health issues.

If you read my original comment properly, you will see I am making the point that the website and forum were originally about petticoat DISCIPLINE and DISCIPLINE requires that the recipient does not like what is happening to them. The site was occupied by women like me and by truly submissive men. 

Truly submissive men need and crave a woman demonstrating her power over them by having them endure things they do not like. Truly submissive men are sad if they are asked to give consent because they are not then being controlled by another. Truly submissive men have amazing courage because they knowingly put themselves in a position where they will have to endure whatever their Mistress chooses, often forever, knowing they will not like a great deal of it. A courage most men do not have.

The result of there being now lots of non submissive, cross dressing men on here means I make my comment in all sincerity and good faith and then males like you and Yvette-Louise immediately and disrespectfully attack me and attempt to mansplain why I am wrong.

Everything in my original comment is factually correct. Why do you feel so threatened by it? Why be so disrespectful? Did I disrespect anybody?
Discipline and control are quite closely linked here I think, I regularly wear panties but would be horrified if others knew outside my control (my control being when I post pictures there’s plausible deniability that it’s me due to me hiding away my face), however if my partner was to say pat the outline of my panties underneath my trousers or even pull the waist band back a little to expose my pink frillies when outside in public, then I loose that limited control I had and am now vulnerable! I think this would be were the discipline side to consenting feminised  males could into play!
(02-13-2019, 07:05 AM)Mistress Scarlet Wrote: [url=][/url]

(02-12-2019, 03:34 PM)Maid Jennifer Wrote: Excellent topic Mistress Scarlett, it is true that males should not get what they want but it is also true that not all FLR's are the same nor do all dominant females want the same for their sissy. I like to think that how feminization is introduced and whether or not a male is submissive to begin with will determine how a sissy responds to female authority. I understand the concept of forcing a sissy to do things we don't want to do and there are many things in this lifestyle I could never do because they are degrading but that doesn't mean I haven't accepted this lifestyle. I suppose I feel this way because I know what my Mistress likes, what turns her off and what crosses the line into what she considers disturbing. I also think how close a couple are in their relationship determines how far a dominant female will go compared  to a professional Mistress who will take single males where they may not want to go.

Since the object of most FLR's that include feminization is submissiveness and obedience it seems to me that if a woman requires her sissy to say go out fully dressed to buy a dress, high heels, a bra or anything else what difference does it make if he wants do do it or not as long as he does it? He is still submissive and obedient and subjected to the same embarassment and humiliation of being seen to be in control of a dominant woman. How can a sissy's feminization blossom if he doesn't like it? If he is the rest just follows naturally. Proper feminization is the corner stone for sissies to reject bad male behaviour and not want to be tarred with the same brush since we already believe that females are the superior sex.

Hmmmm. Does he WANT to do it if he is subjected to embarrassment and humiliation? Does any want [b]embarrassment and humiliation?
Mistress Scarlet

In short Mistress Scarlett it comes with the territory. What I mean is feminization is a powerful part of female domination in part because people sometimes want to experience or emulate what they see. Skydivers for instance may not want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at first but are curious to experience what it's like. Feminization is a bit like that, we get comfortable at home in our ever growing wardrobe and enjoy the sensations of wearing sexy lingerie, master walking in high heels and for some learn to do our own makeup. At this point a woman has a good chance of getting a male to take the next step and go out in public to experience and explore his feminine side and while he most likely does not want to be subjected to embarrassment and humiliation it is the price he is willing to pay.
Mistress Scarlet's first words in this thread were "I hope this is not too controversial."

It certainly is controversial and so has provoked an interesting discussion.

Mistress Scarlet, if you advocate a position and label it as controversial, why on earth do you take umbrage when folks disagree or ask questions?

You have not been attacked but your views challenged. Please keep that distinction in mind as you post.

You ended your first post with these words: "I do hope I have not overstepped the mark."

Your reply to my question, taken as a whole, defines "the mark" for me.
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ModeratorM Cool
I honestly do not know which part or parts of my last post crossed the line? I sincerely apologise if it is felt one or more phrases did.

Having been so shocked by the confusion non submissive males have shown in this thread over the dynamic in a relationship between a dominant woman and a truly submissive male, I hope it will help if I explain this. What follows are facts. They are not up for genuine challenge.

First, I have to say in response to Yvette Louise, such relationships are not abuse. The male involved is in awe of and devoted to and addicted to the dominant. He needs what she gives him. And, Yvette Louise, there is no pretending consent is or is not given for many of the activities. Consent is not given. There is no pretending. Nor does the male want to be given the opportunity to consent. If he were, he would not get what he craves, which is to be profoundly under the control of another. 

Truly submissive men need and crave a woman demonstrating her power over them by having them endure things they do not like because this is the most convincing proof. Truly submissive men are sad and discontented if they are asked to give consent because they are not then truly being controlled by another. They need and crave to be controlled by another. Truly submissive men have amazing courage because they knowingly put themselves in a position where they will have to endure whatever their Mistress chooses, often forever, knowing they will not like a great deal of it. (A courage many men do not have.) It is obviously a paradox for the submissive to have to endure things they do not like, in order to sleep with complete contentment and peace. But it is how they are. Like how gay people are. Not a choice.

Dominants like me enjoy owning a submissive. We enjoy what we get from it. It is a perfect symbiosis.

And in response to Moderator M, the dominant does not need to ever risk the health and safety of the submissive. Their well trained  submissive is precious to them; why on earth would they?  There are a million and one ways to have the submissive endure things they do not like which are utterly safe. Humiliation through petticoating is one of them. Petticoat discipline.

I do not know why these facts have disturbed those that they have. I do not know why non-submissive males are trying to shoehorn their predilections into the word DISCIPLINE. A square peg into a round hole. It goes without saying that I have no problem at all with non-submissive males here or their predilections. Surely this is a forum of live and let live? I am truly sorry that feathers are ruffled. Obviously I get irritated if I describe the dynamic of how my husband and I live, (and many couples I know), and I get told that is not how I live. Sorry again though for any offense caused.

Just in case these facts I have set out continue to be challenged, here is a tiny sample of the hundreds of testimonials I have had sent to me from submissive males:

.................... your core reading of the needs of submission, boiling things down to the fact that some kinds of men just sleep better at night having been forced by a dominant woman to do things that do not want to do, and that they do not rest easy in their soul unless this happens, is one of the most insightful and succinct summations I’ve come across.................

...I absolutely adore your blog and your style and for myself personally, Your blog is the best thing to read for Femdom...
...I absolutely love the idea of a manual written by You, Mistress Scarlet! Your methods, Your innate sadism, Your full and complete understanding of the submissive psyche make You uniquely qualified to write such a manual, Ma’am! As a submissive, I absolutely adore You for Your understanding of, and Your ability to describe in words the true nature of the submissive…how he/she can only be contented when his/her submissive nature is fully exploited…
...I am a huge fan of you and your writing. Thank you for everything...
...Your style of Domination has always fascinated me.....… because it is real….... not fluffed up like so many others…... and Your writings are superb...
...Such a key and insightful diagnosis of the major fall-down point for beginning F/m-D/s relationships...
...Such wise words spoken again by Mistress Scarlet ‚Äď I can totally understand where You are coming from...
...............Ms. Scarlet, BTW, I truly do love both your relationship with BB, and your blog. I quote you often in my own blog, and you are an inspiration to both myself and my Mistress...
...You are the most amazing dominant in thought and deed that I have seen represented on the Internet...
...Your blog and Journals have proved to be a boon to our relationship...

...Just wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing this image and your thoughts. It‚Äôs so easy as an un-owned submissive male to believe the lifestyle is nothing but 100% pure fantasy based on most images around. But your blog and Tumblr do an excellent job of showcasing the reality of the lifestyle, which is much more exciting than any of the ‚Äúfanciful material‚ÄĚ out there. Your curation on your Tumblr is fantastic.

...I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and just wanted to express my thanks for taking the time and energy to share your lifestyle with the world. I assure you it’s made a difference in helping me examine my own submission, and I’m sure countless others on both sides of the whip as well...

...Greetings Mistress Scarlet and thank you so much for the continued blogging which makes all our lives that much better...

...You’ve been so very generous to grace Your followers with 11 wonderful publications…simply the best femdom literature ever published!

Mistress Scarlet
Thank you, Mistress Scarlet, for a conciliatory response.

We can disagree even about strongly held opinions and remain respectful.

I appreciate your further explanation.
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ModeratorM Cool

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