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Baby Harness and Reins
Don't forget the JINGLE BELLS -or- a more modern application of LED lights !

LED lights can be constantly lit - or F-L-A-S-H-I-N-G -

Perhaps even subject to motion with a motion sensor -

Add a sound activated device -

A dog bark device activating the LED lights !

Subject can try to RUN - HIDE - but alas all in vain !

Add a little pouch for a cell phone with GPS tracker !

Add a dog fence device to prevent straying !

Are you all comfy in your regulated space ?
Or even one of those shock collars, intended for dogs. If sissy baby strays where he shouldn't - ZAP!

Mummy may even have some fun deciding where to attach the collar to her little sissy...
Have a look at the #pavlok hashtag on twitter or There are collars that take the pavlok as well.
I’m a big fan of reins/harnesses/baby leashes. Have been ever since I can remember. I was a leashed child for a time. Had to be tethered in the yard, to keep me from running away!
I was a good customer at Wilf’s, have lots of his harnesses. He even did some custom work for me. Yes, he is retired now, I do miss his work. But, I do speak with him from time to time. 
You can see some of his creations, and others I have, that are from others. The thin blue ones, alone on the plastic hanger, are ones I made myself.                    
I have a baby harness or reigns as they were known as when I was in the babies children's home. I got a set off one of the members on here a couple of years ago and now my mummy uses on me when going out. Mummy has just had a custom made stroller made for me which we will be using on my holidays in March. I will be in the stroller in the harness for all to see. So excited. 
We are also open for babies that want to visit for a day or a week or longer. The nursery now is almost complete, with a stroller, rocking horse, playpen, high chair, cot/crib, rocking cradle, baby swing with horses head and so much more. And mummy is a dressmaker so she can make clothes for you while you are here.


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