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Adult Schoolgirls Rules
(05-24-2019, 03:47 PM)antonia Wrote:
(05-24-2019, 03:37 PM)Henpecked Wrote:
(05-24-2019, 12:38 PM)antonia Wrote:
(05-24-2019, 11:24 AM)Henpecked Wrote:
(05-22-2019, 11:26 AM)antonia Wrote: You will require pink, preferably lace ups. Obtain thin pink ribbon to use as laces. Any spare ribbon can be used to decorate your useless clit.

Thank you Mistress, I haven't been able to get pink plimsolls in my size, so have bought white one's which I'll dye pink, what a lovely idea to use ribbon for the laces, thank you mistress.

Don't forget bells

Mistress Antonia, what a lovely name, I've been really lucky found some secondhand KEDS online these are American plimsolls and they are pink alas a size too small for me, but I feel if they pinch my toe's, that'll be a constant reminder of how lucky I've been to have plimsolls which are a ladies cast off's, they are £10.00 but I feel I should pay the lady more as a special thank you, what do you think Mistress?
Yes, give her ÂŁ15 and you are correct a size to small will remind you of your status. Any way of making your day to day existence more sissified and uncomfortable is a bonus isn't it? Smile
I sent the money Mistress, The lady was surprised that I'd paid more than she asked for, I did tell I'm a sissy and they are for me, she said she would also send another pair which needed cleaning she said were only fit for the trash but should do me fine,
I see you are more experienced than I thought. I also use corner time on occasion as you will find out in the future. I like to use a rough prickly mat as a cushion as well for naughty girls to sit stll on. Failure to behave will always result in further punishments.
Mistress  Antonia
(05-22-2019, 02:48 PM)Ali Wrote: What a wonderful set of rules and requirements, Miss.

May I be so bold as to suggest another?

When I have been dressed as a schoolgirl, in my little pleated gym slip, white blouse, white knee-length socks and regulation school knickers, if I am naughty I've been subject to a particularly embarrassing and humiliating punishment.

Upon my Master or Mistress's instruction I am required to stand up, and remove my knickers. I'm then required to sit down again (and my skirt is so short that my bare bottom is against the cold chair), and write out my name and what I've done wrong in chalk on the back of my knickers. When I've done so I have to stand up and put my knickers back on, and go to my Master or Mistress. He or she then bends me over, lifts my little skirt, and uses whatever implement they deem suitable (their hand, a cane, a slipper or gym shoe, or maybe a combination) to remove all trace of the chalk. As I'm sure you can imagine, this can take some considerable time, and many, many strokes.

It is a punishment which certainly teaches me a lesson, and which I try to avoid at all costs.

Perhaps your charges might benefit from similar treatment?

If ever you find yourself in my study, you would never dare let your school knickers drop to your feet, how dare you, what a disgrace young lady, its a soundly smacked bottom, followed by the school strap and cane, then we will discuss how you will make amends.
Of course you’re right, Stern Master, Sir. As a sissy schoolgirl I must always keep control of my knickers, except when a superior like you takes control of them, or of me.

After my spanking, strapping and caning I’m sure my poor bottom will be very sore indeed. You said we would then discuss how I should make amends. I don’t expect to have a big say in that, Sir, so would you be so kind as to tell me what I would be required to do?
After your bare bottomed, hands on head corner time, you will stand in front of me and apologise for your disgraceful behaviour. Redressed in your uniform you will sit at your desk and complete a composition on how your behaviour will improve in the future, this will be followed by 500 lines, I must not allow my school knickers to fall while being punished. Both your hands will then feel my tawse. You will then strip and put on your gym knickers and vest followed by a pe lesson.
You really are a silly little girl who needs taken in hand, you have a long school day ahead of you, young lady you will be on your best behaviour at all times, or face the consequences.
Yes, Sir. Understood, Sir.

Will I be permitted to wear my gym slip and aertex blouse for my PE lesson please Sir? I don’t want everyone seeing my knickers.
(02-08-2019, 01:24 PM)antonia Wrote: FROM THE DESK OF MISTRESS ANTONIA
Adult Schoolgirls
The following rules apply at all times and are not subject to discussion or objections by said schoolgirl
General Behaviour
1. She is aged 11 and has just started senior school.
2. She is inferior to all females and will be respectful in her demeanor and language when in their presence at all times.
3. She will dress as instructed and be neat and tidy in her appearance.
4. She will never tell any superior what to do. She will enquire in a quiet respectful voice if the said superior would mind doing such and such. If the superior agrees or refuses she will thank the superior and NOT beg or plead in anyway.
5. She will obey any orders, instructions or requests from a superior and carry them out promptly as soon as possible. Refusal or reluctance to obey, including dumb insolence, will be punished.
6. She is to be trained in all aspects of domestic duties.
Dress Code 
Each change of uniform requires the Schoolgirl to strip completely naked and redress in the prescribed order even if some items of clothing are the same.
1. All uniforms worn will be complete with approved underwear and approved socks, preferably the same colour as the rest unless otherwise specifically instructed.
2. Only approved footwear is permitted. All approved footwear will be maintained in a clean, smart and/or polished condition and shall be appropriate for the uniform.
3. When not in full uniform, female style knickers and vest will be worn at all times
4. In winter thick woolen tights will be worn at all times unless in PE or swimming kit.
5. A nightdress and slippers will be worn each night before bedtime; either a flower pattern or pink nightdress and pink slippers will be provided and must be worn.
6. House wear, when not in full uniform for lessons, PE, Cycling or other duties, will consist of the following, pink polo shirt, PE skirt, Pink socks and approved plimsolls. Knickers will be of approved style and colour, as will any other items ordered by Mistress.
7. She will present herself for inspection after each change of uniform. If any faults are detected they will be reported to Mistress for punishment after due consultation.
8. Unapproved or other inappropriate shoes or clothing will not be worn either indoors or outdoors. Unapproved items will be either disposed of or locked away in storage.
 School Lessons
1. School lessons will be divided into various subjects and each lesson will be at least 1 hour long, but may be longer at the discretion of Mistress.
2. Subjects covered will include, but not be limited to, Mathematics, English, Domestic Science, Physical Education and Handicrafts.
3. All written lessons are to be completed sitting upright in total silence with feet and knees together at a suitable table or desk. It is expressly forbidden at any time to place elbows on the table and arms shall remain neatly folded when not completing schoolwork.
4. Leaving the table for any purpose during schoolwork, including toilet breaks is not permitted under any circumstances. If schoolwork is being supervised, a hand must be raised to address any interruptions, questions or urgent queries. Speaking before permission is granted is a punishable offence.
5. All written schoolwork and written punishments shall be completed by hand using a school fountain pen and pencil on standard A4 lined paper. Every sheet of paper will be numbered at the bottom and have full name and date underlined at the top, with the subject clearly underlined below the name. Anny preprinted margin shall not be altered in any way. All mistakes shall be neatly crossed out with a single line. Correction fluid will not be used. More than 5 mistakes per page means the whole page will be rewritten. The mistakes will be presented to mistress for comment.
6. Coloured pencils, felt pens, crayons and other approved equipment will be provided as required for art and craftwork.
7. Schoolwork must be submitted for approval by email as soon as complete, along with an explanatory note to Mistress. Photographs shall be taken of all practical work and submitted for approval to Mistress, with the original work saved for later examination or display.
See separate appendix for sample lessons.
Exercise shall be performed whenever directed by Mistress to ensure fitness, health and well-being.
All exercises are to be carried out wearing only approved kit for each activity.
Exercise shall comprise of indoor or outdoor PE, public swimming, and outdoor cycling.

If there are any schoolgirls out there who want to follow these rules and those I haven't added yet get in touch.

Nicely done Mistress Antonia, do you have any of the sample lessons available for review?
(09-05-2021, 01:31 PM)Ali Wrote: Yes, Sir. Understood, Sir.

Will I be permitted to wear my gym slip and aertex blouse for my PE lesson please Sir? I don’t want everyone seeing my knickers.

Knickers and vest only girl, do you believe anyone is interested in anything you think or say, you're doing your pe lesson in front of a few of my guests, smacked legs as you are put through your exercises, oh dear crying already, let's have your knickers off for the rest of your lesson, what a disgrace you are as my guests laugh and tease you, now young lady I think a bare bottomed spanking across one of my guests knee will remind you of your place.
Then back into your uniform for your next lesson, and stop that crying you silly girl, or believe me I will give you something to really cry about.
Please, Sir! No, Sir! Please don’t make me take off my knickers in front of your guests!
(09-05-2021, 05:34 PM)Ali Wrote: Please, Sir! No, Sir!  Please don’t make me take off my knickers in front of your guests!
You have just earned the tawse across your bottom, you do as your told, knickers down and no more nonsense, of course there laughing, what do you expect, just look at you, what a total disgrace, one of my guests has asked to take you upstairs, what should I do?.

Their laughter and teasing will do you good, you simply will learn to do as your told. I must order that new strap, now upstairs with my guest? or would prefer me to get you ready for bed?

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