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The Part Time Job At The Prom Dress Store The Alternate Ending
Chapter 11
Claire I can’t wear these! They aren’t mine! I bet they aren’t even my size. “You know what’s funny all expect the golden peach one are your size! Are you sure you didn’t by all these?” Why would I buy them? “To wear duh! Have you been secretly buying prom dresses to wear around the house . “ Claire I told you and mom about me having to store the dresses here. Why would I tell you guys that if I wanted to hide them? “You make a good point. Maybe I’ll let you off the hook for this one, but regardless you need to go in one of these dresses tonight!” Claire please my boss will know! “Listen That doesn’t matter to me but since you have been good lately I’ll make you a deal. You wear one of those dresses right now and come downstairs and watch tv with me. I’ll give you $300 afterward which will more the cover rent for next month.” Claire are you crazy moms home! And why would I take that deal anyway. “ Because if you don’t wear one I’ll go ahead and wake mom up and told her I saw you playing with yourself in one. What will it be? The part wear you have a chance of getting caught ? Or getting caught regardless? “I couldn’t have my mom think that but on the other hand she could catch me In the dress regardless. Sneaking around In the dress turned me on at the thought. I’ll wear the dress. “Good answer! Tonight you will wear the white one. Not the girliest but still humiliatingif mom catches you in it! Strip and put it on! “ I stepped into the dress hoping that I would t get hard, but I was. Crazy fast. It was the possible fumigation that could happen. My penis began big enough even with the dress you could notice a little bump and Claire did notice. “Are you a little excited ? Is it because of the dress, the humiliation or both?” I blurted out both. “ I knew it. Your just a little sissy aren’t you?” I’m not a sissy it just randomly happens sometimes. “Because of dresses I bet. Your probably hard as a rock at work all day. You know what? It doesn’t matter your in the dress. I could even go get mom right now and tell her what you got yourself into. But I won’t this is our game. So let’s go downstairs and watch some tv.” I was nervous my heart was beating so fast. I tip toed behinds clear hoping my mom wouldn’t wake up. We made it downstairs and we both sat on the couch watching tv. In my head I screamed I’m wearing a prom dress with my mom here. I was rock hard it was insane, and my sister definitely noticed. “You love this! Humiliation and wearing girly dresses. You love working at a store and selling them all day. Have you worn them in the store nick?” No I lied I’ve never only with you. “I some how doubt that you love working there and wearing dresses for the girls.” Claire I really don’t I’m being honest. I’ve never been turned on by this before until tonight I lied. “ Well don’t worry we will play games like this all the time now. Now go back upstairs put on another dress and rub yourself into it, and then tomorrow at work you will tell your boss they you ruined a dress.” Claire I I. “Go before mom wakes up!” I ran upstairs quietly toward my room wandering if I should do what Claire says.

Chapter 12
Should I do it? I asked myself as I locked by bedroom door. Should I put on another dress and rub myself in it. What would I say to miss Ashley? I so wanted to do it. I slipped of my dress and stood there naked neath all of them.Which one should I choose I knew in my heart it was the pink one. It looked like a total sissy dress. I took it off the hanger picked it up and put it on. Once it was on I immediacy reaches down to find my penis but it was lost. Lost in al the frills. I did find out that if I moved the dress with my hands I could rub the frills over my penis. I used both my hands and moved the dress as much as I could I till I lost it. I blew a huge load into the dress. It was any amazing feeling. I’ve never felt anything better. I felt like I just discovered a new way to masturbait. I had to take the dress off and clean up. I felt so much shame while doing that. I need to quit this job o said to my self. Look what it’s doing to me. Before I drifted off to sleep I started to worry about what I was going to tell Miss Ashley.
Chapter 13
I didn’t have to be into for a little later in the morning then usual. My mother had left for work and promised me a ride. About an hour before we have to leave she burst into my and room and says “ We have an hour it’s tine to play dress up. “ Please Claire not before work! “It will be whenever I want! Which is right now! Put on the light blue one. Do it or you will go to work in it!” Yes Claire and I put in the dress angered but also excited. What if she made me go to work in it? The way this dress looked made me feel like a huge priss and I felt like it too. My instant hard on emerged and poked into the dress. “I can see that it’s both the dress and humiliation that gets you going! Did you rub yourself into that dress like I asked?” I felt ashamed to admit it but I was so hard and I said yes. Into the pink dress I could t help it Claire. Can’t you see I need to stay away from this stuff. “Ha that this shows me is that this is what you should be doing. Now let’s go we have 40 minutes make me breakfast then you can change.”
Chapter 14
I made her a gigantic breakfast and soon realized that I needed to change or I’ll be late. Claire I need to get changed. “ Nope not until after clean up. “ But Claire we have to leave in ten minutes. “ Well you better hurry up.” I raced against time to rinse every dish and put it in the dishwasher and I finally finished with two minutes to spare. Claire can I get changed now? “Fine you have a minute” I ran about sitar’s to my room to take the dress off. The zipper got caught for a second and my heart beasts faster. Finally it was off and I got dresses and ran to the car as Claire was about to pull out. You could have waited Claire! “You could have gone faster or just have done the ohicak thing which would have been to wear the dress to work.” That’s not going to happen Claire, “Oh it will happen and I’m not even going to make it happen. I’m going to let you do it to yourself.” After that I was at work.”Dobt forget to tell your boss about your ness.” I dreaded that ad I walked into to work. “Ashley ! Nicole is here!” Miss Jessica said. Miss Ashley ran up to me “Thabk god your here we have a big time buyer coming in and she wants to see you in this dress.” Yes of course Miss Ashley. I was nervous a big time buyer. “Here is the dress.” It was short silky and blue and had a ruffled skirt. I’ve seen it around the store but never thought of wearing it. “Put it on the we have to do hair and make up.” Hair and make up? Miss Ashley I can’t wear that! “ You don’t have a choice! You have to look amazing. “ I was thrown into the makeup chair as Miss Ashley and Miss Jessica worked as fast as possible. I was amazed with the reaukts.

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Great story, love the tracking of it--maybe add some panties and lingerie to the mix
Chapter 15
Who is this buyer I asked ? As I still marveled about how much of a girl I looked when I was all dolled up. “ She is a close friend of mine. When she arrives at the store you will take her on a tour and serve her in any way possible.” Yes Miss Ashley I said. “ We have sometime so practice your courtsey with Miss Jessica.” Mis Ashley left the room and I turned to face Miss Jessica. “ Well what are you waiting for? Courtsey before your superior.” Yes Miss Jessica and I courtseid over and over before her. “God you are such a sissy priss. We are going to make it to where you don’t know anything else but dresses and serving, and soon you’ll be in debt to the store.” What’s that mean? “ Think about it you barely make any money and soon you won’t make any money at all. Everyday you’ll leave with a dress, and son you’ll owe us so much money that you’ll have no choice to just serve forever. “ “It’s showtime “ Miss Ashley shouted. “Nicole ! She’s here! Go courtsey and behave.” Yes Miss Ashley I saw her and I was very nervous. She was tall and beautiful and looked very stern. I walked up to her and courtseid before her. “So your the store sissy I have heard so much about you . My name is Miss Kristen. “ Hello Miss Kristen I said and welcome to our store. “ Thank you Sissy I’m here too look to see if anything is worth my while as I’m a bit of a collector. I somehow doubt I’ll find anything but I am interested to in you. Take me to your superiors. “ Miss Ashley and Kirsten greeted each other and Miss Kristen came out and said I’m not interested in dresses but I want her. How much for her?” “For her? She’s not for sale, and I don’t own her” said Miss Ashley. “I’m very disappointed in you Ashley. I’ll be off now. “ she just left the store without saying another word. Miss Ashley looked rather upset. She turned to me and said “What are you waiting for? Get back to work! “
Chapter 16
I scrambled and minced over to the dresses and started unpacking them, and I started to wonder just who this Miss Kristen was. Who ever she is miss Ashley sure looked upset and now I feared telling her what happened last night. I simply couldn’t now and I could always lie to Claire it’s nit like she would ever find out. Time at the store flew by and before I knew I had thirty minutes left of my shift and I went to miss Ashley and Miss Jessica and asked if they could in due my hair and take off my make up. “Hmm should we Jessica?” “ I don’t know Ashley we could just send her home like this to her family and expose her for who she really is!” “We could do that Jessica but it might be too soon. Let’s take off her make up and fix her hair but Nicole you have to buy the dress you are wearing.” I can’t do that Miss Ashley I don’t have any money. “ Well then you’ll just become further indebted to the store!” Both of them laughed and laughe. I didn’t have another option I can’t go home like this Claire and my mom would see. Yes Claire has seen me wear dresses before but that was just for money. She has no idea how much of a sissy I am and I can’t let her know. Okay I said. “Oh man you’ll be lucky if you even make a dollar working here.” Miss Jessica and Miss Ashley both laughed and they took of my make up and undid my hair and even let me change into my boy clothes. I got home quickly and ran upstairs and put away my new dress. My closet was becoming stacked and soon I wouldn’t be able to hide them anymore. Not before too long Claire walked into my room. “Well did you tell your boss that you wore and soiled that dress?”
Chapter 17
My intention was to lie to Claire but I couldn’t, for some reason In this moment she seemed powerful and seemed like she controlled me. I couldn’t Claire she was in a really bad mood I said. “That doesn’t matter! I told you to do that!” Claire you are not in charge of me! I only wore that dress for you so you would pay my rent and this is getting out of control! “We are past that at this point! Put on that pink dress again now! You will wear it till mom gets home.” She will be home in thirty minutes I said afraid. “I don’t care put it on and we are going downstairs!” I put on the dress and Claire didn’t leave the room this time and she looked down at my small penis and smirked “Just as I thought tiny! You should be in dresses!” I put it on and followed my sister downstairs and got harder and harder each step we took and the we sat down on the couch and I was fully erect in the dress. Please Claire mom will be home in like fifteen minutes! “I don’t care I’m not the one in a pink frilly prom dress.” Please Claire I’ll do anything! “Anything? Fine! Masturbait right now! And once you are done then you can change but if you don’t finish by the time mom gets home you will greet her while being in the dress! “ That’s It masturbait? Okay leave the room. “Oh now sissy you have to do it while I’m standing in front of you! “ Claire your my sister! “I don’t care and you better hurry you have less the ten minutes! Now stand up in front of me and do it! “ I stood up in awe about what I was about to do and began to stroke before my sister! “That’s it prom dress sissy boy go to town on yourself. Show me that I’ve been right about you!” It felt so good but so wrong. I can’t believe that I was doing this in front of my sister while she was encouraging me. It was harder than what I thought it would be and it might have had something to do with my sister being there. Suddenly my moms car pulled into the garage. “Hurry up or its sissy exposure time!, or is that what you want?” She opened the door to the kitchen and finally it happend. I had a huge orgasms and was still shooting rapdibly into the dress and I ran up stairs as I heard Claire greet my mom. That was too close I thought way to close.

Chapter 18
That night before bad Claire came into my room. “ That was fun wasn’t it?” It really wasn’t Claire mom could have easily caught me! “But she didn’t, and you also had a huge you know what! Proving to me that you love prom dresses.” Claire I really don’t you just didn’t give me another choice. “I know when I’m right little brother. Tomorrow is your day off correct?” Yes it is. Why? “I want you to wear a dress at home tomorrow” But why you won’t even be here. “That’s true I won’t be here but I will know if you don’t do it.” So, that’s all you want? Me just to wear a dress? “That and I want you to vacuum the house. Mom asked me to do it when I get home but I won’t feel like it.” Fine I said but what do I get out of this? “Nothing! Your just going to do it because you know I have information about you that I could tell anyone!”
Chapter 19
The very next morning after our mother left for work Claire cane into my bedroom and said “Okay sissy it’s time for your unifourm.” I put on my pink prom dress and stood before her. “Perfect and don’t take it off or trust me I’ll know. You are to do all the chores around the house and then tell mom that I did it. Understood?” Yes Claire. After Claire left for work I began doing the huge list of chores she assigned me to do. I began to think about how Claire would possibly know if I took off my dress. Does she have cameras around the house? A whole possibility of thoughts crossed my mind. Half the day passed when I heated the front door open and I got nervous. Was it my mom or Claire? My nerves eased slightly when I saw my sister walk into the house.

Chapter 20 
Claire why are you home early? “ Well on the way to work I didn’t feel like going to work. So, I thought why not call I’m sick and then pay a little visit to that prom dress store my sissy brother works at.” My heart dropped into my stomach! You went to my job? “ Yes I did and I wanted to ask your boss some questions but she wasn’t in yet. Instead it was some girl named Jessica. I knew she wouldn’t have my answers so I decided to shop and i bought you a new dress.”

Chapter 20 continued
You bought me a dress? “Yes I can to the realization that those dresses your boss asked you to store here will every ally be returned and you need a wardrobe of prom dresses.” Little did she know I already had that but she can’t ever know that I do have a huge amount of them. What did you want to ask my boss? “I wanted to ask her if my brother prances in prom dresses for her at the store. “ I don’t Claire you have to believe me I only wear them because you force me too. “I don’t believe you and I’ve decided that I willl be visiting your store more often to catch you in the act. Now you didn’t thank me for your girly new dress.” I looked st the baby blue dress and I said thank you Claire. “Your welcome now let’s gp to your room and you can model it for me and then hang it up in your closet!” I was immediately alarmed at Claire looking into my closet and her seeing all my dresses. It would all be over at the moment. She would know everything but I didn’t know how to stop her. We marched up to my room. Claire we can’t put this in my room mom will see it and she will stop all of your fun. “Or will she join in?” Mom hates that I work there still please think about this. “Okay I’ll think about while you put on the dress and model and twirl it for me”

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Chapter 21
I put on the dress in front of my sister and I noticed that for the first time ever she was recording me. Why are you doing that? “ So we can continue to play forever. Now give me twirls and girly poses.” I twirled in the dress and posed for pictures for Claire. After about an hour I asked Claire, have you thought about what I suggested? “Honestly I’m not sure because I don’t know how mom would react if she found out but on the other hand I want to fill your closet with dresses.” Please Claire I’m begging you please. “This is the thing you have nothing to bargain with. I have so such black mail on you and I control you regardless, but you are my brother so I’ll give you a pass on this one. I’ll keep it in my room but I want you to masturbait while I record and I want you to say I’m my sister sissy and I love sissy prom dresses. You will do this until you climax. Do we have a deal?” It wasn’t a bad deal I thought and I still got to hide all those dresses from her so I agreed. I’m sister sissy and I love sissy prom dresses. I said it over and over again until I reached a monster orgasm and soiled my new dress.

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