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Update February 2019 “Living the sissy chastity challenge”
Mistress Natasha keeps me now 248 days in permanent chastity.

I write these lines as any lines in my schoolgirl uniform, in a white, high-necked blouse with a black bow, a very short red plaid skirt, white knee socks, and black Mary Jane shoes. It inspires my thoughts and enables me to be Mistress Natasha's schoolgirl. In addition, I feel the task dressed accordingly.

With begin of my chastity Mistress struggled with silly old habits of being too nice, not strict enough. This way I found only slow in the right submissive, obedient behaviour! As a sissy in chastity desperately needs to be strict controlled, indignantly directed, and humiliated.

At some point Mistress must come to the realization that it’s all about the female pleasure. Her pleasure! It’s all about me accepting chastity, humiliation, frustration and desperation in order for Mistress to fully experience her female power.

I just went along with whatever Mistress said as she seemed to know what is best for me. I hadn’t been able to think straight for myself for some time, being in a sissy haze of indecision on everything until Mistress made up my mind for me.

I think, there is no other form of female power that can provide such a humiliating experience for a sissy than strict chastity and I find chastity so stimulating because the exchange of power is so awesome when one's own genital becomes locked up and under the sole control of Mistress!

Now obviously the terms and length of chastity are completely up to Mistress. But I have read, the perfect sissy should be in 24/7 chastity for at least a very long time. And once locked up, she should never again be allowed to have a real orgasm ever again, or even lay a finger on, now on Mistress property, for that matter. To torture the sissy even more  Mistress can tease the sissy periodically. Within some months or so, this condition of strict chastity and denial should transform a sissy into a submissive, lustful sissy bitch.

Now Mistress checks me at random. Mistress has there are a few ways to do it while I am at work or wherever I am. The easiest way therefore, Mistress’ instruct me to send pictures over day, at Mistress' discretion.

Of course I am outfitted with my chastity device and Mistress let me know that she wants a photo with a password given by her, for proof that I follow her rules.

Mistress simply let me expose myself on my mobile phone, with the password, the chastity device and maybe my lingerie still on and in place, and Mistress can rest assured that it hasn’t been tampered with. When Mistress do it randomly and expect the pictures quickly, will make me have no second thoughts if I should consider something else.

Some time ago, I asked Mistress Natasha why she loves to use the wooden spoon for my corporal punishment, not the riding crop or the little whip. She replied that she and Maitresse Yvette-Louise are staunch supporters of the wooden spoon. The wooden spoon is easy to place even on my butt and relatively painful.

No doubt there is little to compete with the effect of the wooden spoon. With its penetrating whack, followed by a period of acute pain and soreness, and subsequent little bruising, the wooden spoon is extremely effective in not only bringing immediate correction to me, but continues to remind me of both the offense and punishment for quite some time! And I do not feel unfairly treated.

Once my bottom is a nice pink colour, it would be a perfect time to listen to Mistress and have a conversation on what Mistress want me to do and change to a better behaviour, to please my Mistresses and Superiors and it would makes me extremely obedient for some time. Funny how good discipline with a wooden spoon and a chastity cage around Mistress' property can really make a sissy double his efforts for his Mistress!

Mistress had some exam plans for me that i wasn't particularly in the mood for. It was the first part of my January exam. Actually, I did not want the evening to go the way Mistress had decided. My big mistake was momentarily forgetting that what Mistress says and wants is law!

And after literally whining and stomping my foot about it, at the end, Mistress made it very clear to me to be obedient,  just as Mistress wanted. All to my best and her satisfaction and pleasure! And isn't that what submitting  to a strict Mistress is all about? Her wishes, her will, her pleasure! Then why did this evening, like a kid who can't  learn his lesson, did I have to question Mistress’ motives again?

Well, to be more specific, the first part of my January exam was to clean my windows in my apartment. No, not just. Clean windows when it is already dark outside and my lighting in the apartment is fully turned on. Then I had to do this in my pink sissy maid uniform with petticoat, wig and bonnet. I should do this for at least 15 minutes, but then another 15 minutes was added as punishment for a previous violation added by one dozen strokes with the wooden spoon.

My apartment is well visible, especially if it is brightly lit. It was a bit humiliating. But as Mistress Natasha  aptly said, a sane dose of humiliation should endure every sissy. So I was just trying to follow the instructions of Mistress Natasha and concentrate on cleaning the windows without streaks and stains. Mistress Natasha wanted to see photos if I strictly follow her orders. If anyone saw me, he would have thought a sissy by the window cleaning ....... weird.

Anyway, I was very happy when the thirty minutes were over and I obeyed Mistress Natasha's instructions obediently.

The second part of my January exam, a week later, I was to go as sissy caja in public again for one hour. It was bitterly cold and there was some snow. But my half-hearted lamentation did not help. I also did not want to deepen it, to avoid further punishment, every time am I disobedient, I also extended my time in chastity.

Mistress words were: "If it is cold you can always wear thick tights. Women still wear skirts when it is cold so my sissy should not use that as an excuse".

The evening about 7pm, I figured two hours would be plenty of time to get ready. I showered with a good smelling female shower gel and shaved my legs. I wore my new bra and panty set which I have bought for one of my exams earlier.  I did my makeup and I wore a light body spray. As time grew closer to 9 pm, I was so nervous and excited!

So I was ready at 9 pm. Thick tights, knee-length skirt, blouse, sweater, wig, woolen hat,  scarf, coat, boots and my handbag. Mistress wanted to have proof photos again, which I did of course. So even if I had tendencies to cheat on, I would not stand a chance. But I never thought of that.

If I'm not able to do anything that Mistress demands right now, it's always wise to stay honest and confess t o Mistress. Even if you should  be  punished for it. And you should of course!

Due to the cold almost no one was on the way, but the click of my boots echoed all the more. My chin pressed into my scarf, the purse in the crook of my arm and hands deep in my coat pocket, it went constantly straight on parked, window iced cars over. At the end of my way, after about twenty minutes, I came within sight of a gas station that I did not want to pass. So I crossed the 4 lane road, always with caution not to run into a car. A cyclist passed behind my back.

It was really cold now and I felt the cold creep up my legs under my skirt. But despite all adversity, a sense of the forbidden but  sensuous compulsion of  a female exhibition.

It was only on my way back, as I took another direction, that I met someone who was waiting for the bus but did not take notice from me. Then I crossed again a street where a truck was waiting at red light. He had to see me, but I stayed calm and did not show any uncertainty.

Across  the street, now a woman who came home, but again no problems on my part.
When I unlocked the door to the house after almost an hour, it became precarious again. Hopefully no  meeting with other residents. But again no  problems here. A deep breath again in my own apartment - made.

Mistress Natasha was very satisfied and I passed the January exam.

Mistress is not available for me this weekend, but Mistress ordered me to get half a dozen strokes on my butt every night. Mistress said:  "Just so you feel that I haven't  forgotten you, 3 whacks on each cheek with the spoon, tonight, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. A sissy should always have a sore butt when Mistress is away and unable to keep an eye on her. Don't you agree slut?"

The Mistress cares so much for my well-being. Thank you so much, Mistress Natasha!

My summary of January:
I just love being under control. I have too much freedom as it is. Plus I love being a sissy bitch to Mistress will make my life more exciting and fulfilling.

sissy caja
I am glad that you are so well disciplined and obedient. Your Mistress is correct a sore bottom and a locked clit make sissies well behaved.
Mistress  Antonia
(02-04-2019, 12:24 PM)antonia Wrote: I am glad that you are so well disciplined and obedient. Your Mistress is correct a sore bottom and a locked clit make sissies well behaved.

I don't think, I am well disciplined, there is still a long wy to go but you are right, a sore bottom and a caged clit turns me absolutly in the right direction. Thank you so much for your comment.
sissy caja

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