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men living as women
I have always veered towards a meritocracy when it comes to society’s structure. I believe that women are the stronger gender but the longer term way of proving this to be true and gaining acceptance is to let them earn it:

Stage 1: everyone would start wearing an ultra girly dress with a nappy on underneath. Almost by way of an exam a situation would come about where those who could keep their nappies dry would be promoted to knickers.

Stage 2: everyone would have to flounce around in their dresses and knickers. In order to get promoted to the next level an individual would need to show they could flounce without showing their knickers, free skip, skip with rope etc.

Stage 3: this is a particularly interesting stage. Individuals in the skirt stage would still be wearing feminine clothes but at a somewhat more mature level. To pass this level individuals would effectively have to function as a teen girl does now so before they could were trousers boys and girls would have to learn to control a skirt hemline, mince in high heels and apply and maintain a full face of makeup.

Masculinity is dangerous and only be learning to be feminine should you get the chance to be masculine. Now this said, I would include penalties so a trouser graduate could be reverted to any previous stages from nappy and dress to skirt.

Also, it is already too late for those already in the system. I would ensure that all children (particularly those who already have access to trousers experience each of the following stages: so a quarter of the boys would have to spend a week in September wearing a skirt, heels and makeup, in October that week would become one in a dress where they’d have to frolic everywhere while skipping and hiding their knickers and in November they would get the shock of their lives when for one week they would have their toilet privileges removed and would have to wet and mess nappies like those in stage one. For those already in the latter stages of education it is about tweaking trajectory but if they have spent a decade and a half in trousers their path is broadly set. 

By instilling a culture behind where any aspiring male or tomboy can only be so if they have proven they can flounce and mince first, women won’t just rise to the top, they’ll earn their way to the top.
Being with a man as a woman has been such an incredible experience for me.  I truly love taking care of his sexual needs and do so makes me feel so submissive and sexual.  I just love being a sissy.
You are indeed incredibly lucky, candygurl. While I can’t add much on the relationship front, identifying as female is certainly the best decision I ever made.  Wink

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