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Cross Dressing Since the War
a search for Peter Farrer on brings up most of his books at prices from reasonable to ridiculous, but not his last one, CD since the war.
Letter From England Among Many Dealing with Spanking Question Tells More of "Petticoated Billy"

October 27, 1956

I did write you last May when we lived in Toronto and you said you didn't believe me because I didn't send you my name. My name is Billy and my real name is William Henry Shapcott and please my writing isn't childish as you say for I'm nearly 20. Mummy did see the letter I wrote and she took my drawers down and smacked my bottom but I don't care and I'm going to write again.
We've moved back to England to be near granny but a friend sends mummy your paper so she can read all about boys and girls getting spanked. Mummy still won't listen when I say I"m too big and old to wear petticoats and get my bottom smacked and she says boys need strict training and now granny agrees with her.
Mummy says she likes having a petticoated boy to dress and train and says I'm going to stay at home in frocks until I'm 25 and if I rebel I know I shall go across her lap with my frock up and she'll take my drawers down and smack my bottom. She makes me smart and I cry and can't help it, and if I kick she smacks me harder.
And now we're here she won't let me wear kilts but a frock and a pinny and granny say it's the right dress for an unruly boy, but please I'm not. And to cure me of slouching about I'm put into tight corsets and I can't bend, and instead of the panties I used to wear under my kilts I have to wear horrible starched frilly drawers. When I plead not to, mummy laughs and says she decides what I wear, and granny tells me it's good for boys to be reminded they have to be good.
And I have a teacher for lessons every day who canes my hands and I have piano lessons and my music teacher is younger than me and mummy told her to cane me if I didn't do my music and I do hate her caning my hands and she does make me sting and last week mummy told her she could cane my bottom if I'm really lazy and I know she will.
Oh dear, I do feel so small and it's all wrong to put me to bed at 7, but granny says that's late enough for a boy in petticoats. My hair is short like a boy and I feel so unhappy but mummy does make my bottom hurt and she always takes my drawers down and never uses the cane. Teacher does that and I know my music teacher is going to take my drawers down for she said so.
Mummy and granny say a boy needs a smack on the bottom. But please it isn't true and my writing isn't childish as you say for my teacher gives me writing lessons and now I'm having sewing lessons too.

Petticoated Billy
Worcester, England

P.S.  I haven't been able to post this yet and yesterday I didn't know my music so teacher made me bend across the music stool and she caned my bottom and then I had to sit on the stool and finish my lesson and I was so sore. And teacher is younger than me and saw my bare bottom, and I felt so ashamed as she told me to button up my drawers afterwards.
Important Part of Teener Spanking is the Removal of Clothing, Writes English "Practicing Psychologist"

February 2, 1957

I have hoped to write to you for a  very long time but the demands of a busy practice as a Consulting Psychologist have prevented me until now. And even now I would prefer if you will allow me to remain anonymous, as many of my patients, past and present, would feel embarrassed should they learn that my name is attached to a letter on this subject. I may say, however, that I have had considerable experience and have deeply studied the relations as related they are, of psychology and dress and punishment, for they are all linked together.
I have read your interesting paper for a long time now and have observed the various subjects you deal with and have noticed from time to time the considerable space you devote to corporal punishment. Many of your readers tell of the methods used by parents and teachers who administer it to their children or pupils, while teenagers of both sexes write on their feelings in having to receive it, and also the cases of husbands and wives who corporally punish one another.
May I say at the outset that there is no doubt that the lack of its proper use by many parents and teachers has and is resulting in a wave of unruly conduct by children and teenagers and it is unfortunately only too true that "to spare the rod is to spoil the child."
[Describes the feelings of "Miss 19-year-old" when spanked.]
This applies quite equally to young men and to erring husbands. I remember one case of a young husband who for his own good was made to occupy the prone position and shown that even a masculine bottom is not immune from being made to smart.
But your readers seem to confine their letters to spanking, whereas it is greatly allied to dress. It is obvious that a great part of the punishment is the preparation, but even greater effect can be obtained on the mind of "Miss 19" if, when she lies smarting and sobbing over her father's knees, she is told that as she had behaved as a willful child she is going to be dressed as one. . . .
In the case of "Master 19" put him back into little boys' velvet suits and a sailor blouse and short white socks. In both cases treat them as children and see that they have an early bedtime and sessions of standing in the corner and the cure will really be effective.
One mother who consulted me had a very truculent boy of 18 who thought he was master. She got so tired of it that she went even further and, first of all, he found out that his mother's hand across his exposed bottom could really hurt and the big bully was soon sobbing very unlike a bully.
In fact when the mother at last sternly told him she was going to spank him and ordered him to unfasten his trousers, to her amazement he meekly obeyed, showing that her will was the stronger and the next three months he spent in a frock no longer a bully.
Another woman adopted an even simpler remedy with her husband by just edging his underpants with lace but the cure was effective.
Another wife consulted me over her husband who was paying undue attention to another man's wife with consequences dangerous to both, and finally both the wronged husband and the wife adopted measures destined to cure the erring husband and the flirtatious wife. She was soundly smacked not once but every day for a week. The husband found his trousers were missing and in their place was a pair of women's slacks he was forced to wear. No one knew except him but he was utterly unable to forget that there was now no fly to his trousers but instead there was a closed seam, while at the sides large white buttons demonstrated he was wearing a woman's garment.
He dare not take off his coat but had to keep it buttoned up for fear of his trousers being seen at the waist and for the performance of all the necessary functions it meant taking his trousers right down. As his trousers had no pockets and the pockets had been sewn up. He did not know what to do with his hands and he was really disciplined.
And when during the ensuing months he was soundly smacked by his wife, he felt so ashamed because, instead of the complicated procedures of belts and buttons, all his wife had to do was to lower the back of his woman's trousers so that although he was otherwise fully dressed the seat of operations was easily getatable.
I had a rather unusual case quite recently of a thoroughly spoilt and lazy young man of 23 and as the father was completely immersed in his researches Harold was left to himself and had become completely indolent. He had a strikingly attractive girlfriend but Harold was even too lazy to pay her the usual attentions.
One day to his amazement his girlfriend had become his stepmother, the learned father having fallen for the attractiveness of his son's girlfriend. His former girlfriend was one thing, but his new stepmother was another, and she had no time for her lazy stepson and decided to take him in hand. The result was a blazing row, but despite her attractiveness she was an athlete, and when she warned Harold of his misbehavior he just laughed.
But laughter changed to consternation when despite his struggles he found himself upside down and firmly kept like that and soon he was sobbing like a child as her shapely but strong hand descended and h e got what he had never had in his life, a "good smack bottom."
Crying miserably, he was sharply told to get himself undressed and he was laced into a pair of very tight corsets, long stockings and put into a  pair of shoes with 4-inch heels. A pair of girl's red shorts and a jumper with no sleeves followed and poor Harold looked the picture of a miserable girlish-looking boy. A daily governess was engaged and as she was a Scotswoman of over 50 and very strict he found he had to work at the lessons he was given.
For meals he is put into a girlish pinafore and has to sit quietly while his father and his new stepmother talk and he is told that little boys should be seen and not heard. He is treated as a little boy and at bedtime his stepmother stands as he undresses himself and he is made to fold his clothes neatly and then is put into a child's sleeping suit.
He is cured but what he does not know is that his young and attractive stepmother has solved her problem of not knowing what to do with a young man about the house and that he is destined to remain dressed as he is.
As a matter of fact, I am expecting his stepmother to take the next and final step and that is to put him into frocks and petticoats and keep him not as a boy but as a girl.
When I last visited the house, Harold was sitting on a stool as I entered but got up immediately and remained standing until his stepmother said, "You may sit down now, Harold."
Presently his governess came in for him to get him ready for his daily walk and as I watched them going off a very girlish-looking boy carefully gloved walked by the side of his governess.
The point I am making is that all this had been accomplished by a combination of spanking and clothes, and finally Harold has to forsake his shorts for frocks and psychologically it will be interesting to see whether in petticoats he acquires the same girlish modesty as in other cases.
And his young stepmother seems to delight in having him around and if she has visitors to tea Harold is brought down from the nursery and standing blushing has to recite his poetry and his stepmother's friends pet and make a great fuss of him. As they are all around his real age and some were his former friends, one can imagine his feelings but he knows that if he is disobedient or naughty he will soon get soundly smacked and he remembers a former occasion when company was present his stepmother in front of them all put him over her lap and smacked his exposed bottom. Smacking and clothes have changed Master Harold.
May I say I am completely against using a strap or belt and there need be no element of cruelty. The hand or even the back of a hair brush is quite sufficient. A cane should seldom be used but the hand can inflict intense pain. Again a spanking must not be given over the undergarment, for a great deal of the punishment is the preparation when the culprit feels the intense shame of the prone position and knowing that the parent is unfastening the clothes.
"Miss 19" will suffer agonies of shame knowing her skirts are up and her panties are down while her bottom is exposed. And do not take too much notice of the sobbing for it is no indication. Nor try and restrain the legs from kicking.
If spanking and clothing are allied to one another there is hardly any young man or young woman who will not be capable of being disciplined. Shorten the young woman's skirts and put the young man into girl's shorts or frocks and in both cases well smack their bottoms and you have won.
But I have written far too much, but I thought you might like to have a letter from someone who has seen cases at first hand. My compliments to your interesting paper and I am sorry I have to write without disclosing my name, for fear of hurting persons who were or are my patients.

Practicing Psychologist
London, England
Thank you, Ms Wilson, for this excellent post.

I'm purely speculating here, but I wonder if girlfriend/stepmom wasn't very devious.

Perhaps when she saw the all-male household with a financially secure father and a willful, immature son, she cultivated the son to get at the father. perhaps discussing the boy's immaturity with the father led to the closeness to develop with the older male. Wink

From there, seduction was easy. My guess is that she ruled and discipline her husband as well.  Big Grin  A shame we can't hear from her directly.

Thank you so much for these excellent reprints. I'm glad you're back with us.
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Your obedient servant,

micheleFFS  Cool
(01-24-2019, 02:42 PM)micheleFFS Wrote: Thank you, Ms Wilson, for this excellent post.

I'm purely speculating here, but I wonder if girlfriend/stepmom wasn't very devious.

Perhaps when she saw the all-male household with a financially secure father and a willful, immature son, she cultivated the son to get at the father. perhaps discussing the boy's immaturity with the father led to the closeness to develop with the older male. ;)

From there, seduction was easy. My guess is that she ruled and discipline her husband as well.  :D  A shame we can't hear from her directly.

Thank you so much for these excellent reprints. I'm glad you're back with us.

What can I say? Conjecture. . .
Hubby Tells of Experiences

March 2, 1957

I read with much interest the articles on corporal punishment in your paper. I readily agree that most of us require disciplining of various kinds.
I will relate briefly an experience of mine which, while not necessarily severe, has been quite effective. I have always had a roving eye for females and very recently my wife caught me in a compromising situation with a divorcee who lives with her spinster sister a few doors down from us.
My wife said: "If you like the women so much you should act like one."
Upon threat of exposure to myself and Mildred she made me shave my body, dressed me in rubber girdle, black nylon panties (with lace) and long nylon hose. She put lipstick on me and painted my toe nails.
I had to wear toeless black patent leather pumps with 3-inch heels. She put a frilly blouse on me and a small white apron which covered the front but left the rear exposed.
She then called the two sisters over. (I think the older sister knew what was coming.) 
My wife made me parade for an hour and a half before them. If I did not have just the right sway to my hips or I took too long steps, she would stop the parade, make me come to her and lie in a prone position across her knees.
She made Mildred ceremoniously take down my panties and she soundly paddled me with a rubber fly swatter (which surely does sting).
Then the parade continues. At 8:30 pm Mildred and her sister call and I dress as mentioned.
All the women now seem to delight in my predicament. My wife says Mildred is next for her punishment. I wonder what it will be?
Do you readers think this is right? Let's hear your comments.

Toronto ONT
Mz Julie...

Exceptional posts showing the foundation of sex-role correction over the last half-century.   You have chronicled the changes so well in the transition from history to HERstory.  Yet so many here might also like to hear what Your endeavors may have led You to believe the future holds in creating a new sexual hierarchy or landscape and the different ways Females and males shall ultimately interact.  However you might wish to enlighten us on your predictions- be Your conjecture/prognostication be philosophical, educative,  and/or even one of bemusement we should all like to know...
Earlier I mentioned Franklin D. Roosevelt as someone who had dressed as a girl when he was a boy. Another example would be Jean Renoir, one of the most brilliant film directors of the 20th century. Jean's father, painter Auguste Renoir, painted his young son dressed as a girl; the painting is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.
There are a number of reasons why a man would want to dress as a woman.Psychologist Ronald Ekin, who probably knew as much about male-to-female crossdressers as anyone in the world, described two scenarios whereby boys who dressed as girls grow up to  be crossdressers.
One case is where the boy is dressed in girls' clothes as a punishment. In that case the man is inclined to crossdress when he feels guilty about something.
The other case is where the boy is encouraged to crossdress and is told how pretty he is. Then as an adult he will doll up because of the compliments. This is clearly preferable to the first situation.

Subject of "Petticoat Discipline" Says Transvestite Not Homosexual

March 9, 1957

May I commence this letter by stating that I believe the person signing himself "Justice Reader" in your February 23rd issue [not reproduced here] is rather poorly informed as to the subject covered by "English Practising Psychologist."
It is quite true that not too many years ago it was the considered opinion of psychologists and laymen that any person found wearing the clothing of the opposite sex was of homosexual instincts. However, deep study of the emotions and reactions of these people has evolved the present thought that there is a distinct division between those termed as "Transvestites" or persons who find pleasure in donning the clothing not of their sex; and the pervert or "homosexual."
In the early 1900's it was the custom to keep male offspring dressed identically like their sisters up to the age of five or six. Yet many of our most prominent leaders of today who underwent this petticoat experience are completely normal and healthy individuals. Likewise, many parents then, and, today, have used "petticoat or pinafore punishment" as a means of curing the faults of their children. It is true that some of these children were influenced in later life by this treatment, and find pleasure in "dressing up."  Many such cases have come to light in the newspapers; but in NOT ONE case has there been found any homosexual inclinations.
It is quite true that many homosexuals adopt attire of the opposite sex to practise their perversions; but because of these, it is hardly feasible to condemn all persons who find solace in silks instead of woolens.
As one who was subject to "petticoat discipline" and who still finds pleasure in silken garments, yet who is married and happily too, with four children, two boys and two girls, I should be very distressed to be considered a pervert or a candidate for a lunatic institution.
I sincerely believe that "Justice Reader" would be unpleasantly surprised if he or she, as the case may be, were to have a tabulation of the number of parents who practise  this form of discipline without their offspring later nursing homosexual thoughts or desires.

Yours truly,
"Another Justice Reader"
March 23,1957

I can sympathize with "Mr. XYZ" who tells of his being discovered in a compromising position with an attractive divorcee by his wife, being a like sufferer at the hands of a wife and mother-in-law.
As a result of an escapade, for some two months, I was forced to bear the humiliation of serving as a maid from the time I returned home from my office to bedtime. In addition to the garments described by "Mr. XYZ" I was also arrayed in stiffly-starched petticoats, barely reaching to within inches of my knees, white frilled drawers, purposely fashioned to be seen at all times peeping out from under my skirts, and smart, black satin French maid's uniform, the skirt short enough to reveal the frilled hem of my petticoat at every step. Of course there was the frilly apron and a lace cap as well. It did not matter whether guests came or not. I was forced to shame myself before them in these clothes, and to add to my humiliation my mother-in-law would order me to raise my skirt and announce, "I am very happy to be wearing petticoats."
This would bring forth a gale of laughter from the feminine guests, and jeers from my friends of the opposite sex. Like "Mr. XYZ" I was forced to submit to placing myself across my wife's knees, have my skirts pushed up and then be spanked with a wooden-back hair brush.
So you see, "Mr. XYZ," you have many fellow sufferers who have learned the erotic means which a woman may employ for her erring spouse.
I, like "Mr. XYZ," would like to hear of others who have endured similar punishment.

Wilton NH
Mz Julie, You are an incomparable archivist!    As the Female Masters here give You roaringly haughty 'BRAVOS' 
...may we lesser male girls offer you timid yet perfect curtsy...

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