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Update January 2019 “Living the sissy chastity challenge”
Mistress  Natasha  keeps me now 210 days in permanent  chastity.

But I love my Mistress' consequence anyway

I have been in chastity for more than 7 months now without ever being able to masturbate or cum with a proper erection. The only release I had was with my magic wand, while I was still locked up in my steel chastity cage last weekend. And I had to earn this privilege, but I'm grateful I had a chance to earn it.

I got used to the frustration and the desperate state of horniness I am in. I accept my fate and love being my Mistress' chaste sissy and being kept in very long term chastity. I am happy in chastity for my Mistress and Governess.

But I must learn to enjoy, pleasing my Mistress, without any expectations to be unlocked from my chastity cage. I don't know if I have reached the level of desperation after seven month in chastity, Mistress expecting from me. I love it, Mistress still develop her skills to make a proper sissy out of me.

No, I am not that stupid to think that Mistress will unlock my chastity device. Not yet. Not even when am I that desperate and frustrated and need a release. I know by now that enforced chastity is not about release. It is about frustration and about enduring it.

But back again to experiences that I was allowed to do as a sissy caja in the past month.

The third part of my December exam was still pending. The exam was to walk in public as sissy caja with skirt, stockings, women's shoes and all female clothing. Well, it should be the first time in my life that I had such an experience and it was not easy to dare. Mistress Natasha set a new milestone in my sissy chastity challenge with that part of the exam.

But with the help of Mistress Natasha, who always accompanied me during my preparation and during my walk, I probably would have lost my courage.

I have always wished that Mistress Natasha demands, in a strict and demanding way, what I have to do, to build up a pressure, which makes it much easier for me to successfully pass my exams.

My preparations for the third part of the exam began in the afternoon, with the painting of my toenails and fingernails. Mistress Natasha insisted that my nails should be in "sissy pink". Yes, no other colour was more appropriate than "sissy pink", another kind of humiliation that Mistress Natasha devised.  Of course, Mistress demanded a photo proof.  I love these little "pinpricks" about my colour and evidence photo!

Two hours before Mistress Natasha sent me on the street, I started to take a shower shave myself thoroughly and get dressed. Each of my steps I had to document with photos. So there was no way to chicken out of my exam, I am even very glad that Mistress Natasha so rigorously and consistently demanded this exam. Thanks for that, Mistress Natasha. Finally, I'm glad to have taken this exam at least. 

For my makeup I took a lot of time, it should be as perfect as possible, no one should recognize from afar that I'm not a woman. The more I transformed, the more I got excited. Yes, I have to confess, I got wet between my legs.

Well, time was running out.  Again and again a message from Mistress Natasha appeared on my phone like; "Make sure you take suitable care when dressing, you don't want to ruin your nylons, bitch!" or  " well girl, the time has come, enjoy yourself and remember STAY SAFE!" shortly before I left the apartment.

Finally I dressed in my skirt, women's boots, wig, my new red women's coat, scarf, wool hat and handbag. Another photo proof demanded from Mistress Natasha. Then it was time to leave.

My heart was pounding. Very quietly, I closed the door behind me, switched on the light and tried as quietly as possible to leave the house.

On the pavement, my heels clicked and I immediately felt the wind on my nylon covered legs and how it aroused such a feeling under my skirt. It was windy. For the first time in my life I was walking on the streets as a sissy - what an exciting feeling.

So pleasing to see myself as a sissy dressed in proper fitting thin tights which indicate in me some curiosity in my sissy walk premiere. I still can’t believe it. I walked here with a skirt, thin tights and fake tits. Unbelievable!

Mistress asked in between how it works. It was so important for me, to feel that Mistress was still in control.

It was already late at night which gave me added security. In between, Mistress required some pictures, to prove what I am doing. Few people were still on the road, but some occupants of some cars that saw me of course. Once I had to cross the street in front of a car that was stopped at a red traffic light. In the spotlight I crossed unconfident the street with feminine little steps.

The way led me through my residential area. A man in the lantern light came to meet me, but I tried to pull my scarf over my mouth, and with my glasses I was sure not to be recognized as a male. From time to time, Mistress appeared on my mobile phone and I was required to answer Mistress.

After an hour or so, I was back home, content, proud of myself, grateful for Mistress Natasha's pressure, but glad that nothing had happened. It was one of my most intense feelings.

Now, for my reward, Mistress Natasha in her generosity allowed me to vibrate my steel cage with a vibrator, last week. It was humiliating, but I think Mistress Natasha prefers it this way. But as a sissy like me, I shouldn't have some sexual pleasure. After my release I was  horny some minutes later, as before.

Shortly before the turn of the year, I was too bold. I addressed the names of my two superiors, Mistress Natasha and Maitresse Yvette-Louise, in an email exchange with a forum member, not with the necessary respect. For this I earned severe punishments.

First, practice my curtsey for 30 minutes daily, one week long and write a report to Maitresse Yvette-Louise. Secondly, every day 60 minutes corner time and wear the whole January my bra all the time, as a punishment from Mistress Natasha.

Not only that.

The weekend Mistress Natasha told me to wear long false fingernails over the whole weekend. I was not allowed to break any of my nails. But that's exactly what happened. I broke two fingernails because I did not regularly wear long fingernails to become familiar with them.

Then I ruined one of my nylons with it. Understandably, Mistress Natasha could no longer tolerate my behaviour. That's why I got a disciplinary, corporal punishment with the wooden spoon.

All to keep the “sissy chastity challenge” fires burning and to keep each sissy experience kinky and intense for all parties.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask.

Sissy caja
sissy caja

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