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Hoping to expose my sissy self
Just a bit of background information about myself. I am living full-time as a female this has been a fairly rapid change that has occurred over the last three years.

One of advantages of being out is that I regulary get my hair done as well a various beauty treatments at the  salon. When I started going it was primarly to get  waxing  done this included Hollywood waxing and this was a bit embarrassing  at first but I was put at ease by all the staff. Obviously although I resented as a female it would have been obvius that I was male ,but I was warmly accepted ball the customers, even though at first I was anxious  and nervous at mixing with strangers. I have generaly got over this and am fairly good with talking to stranges and friends alike.

Recently I have urges again to be embarrassed and humiliated (this was going back to the time I was dressing in secret had fantasies of been discovered and forced to serve superior fe-males as a maid, this is something that something that was put away as just a fantasy no to be fulfilled.

Well I might be able to achieve this dream in some part thanks to my hairdresser unknowingly to her

Each year see organises a charity quiz for her customers  and her friend's in a local social club ,and she usually gets about 60 or 70 attending.

the quizzes are themed last year it was Hollywood and films and she always encourages people to come in fancy dress related to the theme.

This years quiz takes place on the 22nd March and the theme is international.

So I took a bit of time and have decided to go as A French maid and have started preperations early.

I have ordered a french maid outfit with has a short skirt a black and also white petticoat Don't know which is  which will be best .

I need to get some other items such as ruffeled panties, suspender (garter) belt.

I am hoping to get a bit more pro active on the night curtseying to all the ladies especially  the salon owner Lucy and her beauty manager  

I am hoping to start the night off when I enter the club by curtsying and addressing hem as Ms Lucy and Ms Jane
and I hoping to do this with the rest of the guests 

The next time I visit the salon after the quiz I will address them as Ms Lucy and Ms Jane and see how they react.

I hame hoping to have some pictures near the date , and am also hoping that there will a few taken on the night ,some of which will be posted on the  salons web site and facebook

I will keep you informed of my progress , and how things go 

That sounds wonderful, Charlie!

When I first started going out dressed, getting my nails done etc I was worried about what reaction I’d get. But, like you found, as long as you’re sensible, no-one really minds. I expect you’ll find the same thing when you wear your French maid’s outfit. As long as you make it lighthearted, and are prepared to have a bit of fun, even at your own expense, I’m sure most people will laugh along with you.

Good luck with it, and I’ll look forward to seeing some pics!
(01-03-2019, 07:41 PM)charlie Wrote: Just a bit of background information about myself. I am living full-time as a female this has been a fairly rapid change that has occurred over the last three years.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the background information.  I hope you post further updates on your experiences and how everything is going for you.  Your story is so fascinating!


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