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This Is My Fantasy
I fantasise alot about giving up my manhood.
I'm not sure if I could go as far as to have a sex change.
Although it would be great fun to have a Vagina.
I am in long term chastity at the moment
When you say "Long term."

What device?

How long?

Heart Heart Heart
I have a Cb 6000s and I have had it on for a few weeks and i plan not to remove it for a long time
(12-29-2018, 06:43 AM)Sissy Nicola Wrote: I have a Cb 6000s and I have had it on for a few weeks and i plan not to remove it for a long time

Oh just a thought. Cleanliness.

Anyway for loss of control send all the keys in the post 2nd class, to yourself, from a place you visit out of the area.

Will take a week to return.


Heart Heart Heart
I have spent yyears and years in a cb6000s. Well I have been in lock since I was married. It startsd ith a cb3000. It was to big, but it was used for years, till it wore out. It was hard to concel. Then she switched me to the curve, still to big for the little guy, but becease of the curved plastic tube , easyer to concel. Then the cb6000s smaller tighter, easy to concel. That was the one I wore , till there was no longer a need to wear one. The little guy is no longer working.
Clenanliness, not a problem. Gina my wife ould unlock me to masturbate, when ever she had sex with a man, or women, or herself. So when she came home and unlocked me she allowed me too releive myself, then wash myself the device, and then disinfect. In between she had bought me a 2 oznce baby bulb syringe.. When ever I had to pee, I would fill up the buld and squirt soappy water through the holes in the sides and the tip. I was locked 24 /7. I wore panties, still do, the tight streachy nylon keeps the device from bouncing around or moving, so there is no chaffing.
By doing this I was in complete control during my sex life. Gina had the key, and only she could allow pleasure. Her mother and sister had emergency keys. They were used a few times when I needed emergency medical care, and Gina was not around.

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