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Where are we from?
(09-21-2016, 11:56 AM)rogella Wrote:
(06-02-2016, 01:54 PM)sissysoft Wrote: I thought I'd start a post asking where everyone is from. 
Am from Australia. Tasmania to be exact, the little isle south of mainland Australia. Anyone else from Down Under? If so, "G'day!"
Feel free to send me a message.

sissysoft, I am in Britain, it is interesting you live in Tasmania as I have family living in Cygnet!  Do you know the area?  Respectfully, rogella
Hello Rogella,
Yes, I know Cygnet. A beautiful place indeed. And with quite a buzz about it nowadays as people seek out its charms.
Hi, I'm Australian from Melbourne, not a sissy more a naughty boy that is "10 going on 4" and needs to be kept with a sore bottom and thick nappies because I can't keep big boy undies dry.
Hi, I'm from Spain, and even though I do not consider myself a Sissy, I DO feel like a feminine man, who loves to wear skirts, panties and all the beautiful and delicate things that have always been the territory of only women. In my desired world women rule society, and men obey them dressed in short skirts and in total submission.
52 single sissy male from Indiana. USA
Hello to everyone, I am nancy, from Canada, Ontario. I became a sissie. Because I wanted to be a sissie. I find this forum to be a wonderful place, it helps me in many ways, to learn and accept who I really am. Only you and the rest of us on here seem to understand me in this world. My biggest regrets are, if only I could had begun my training even sooner and when I was younger. I sincerely want women to rule over men in this world. Outside of this forum, I would never speak of such. Otherwise to all of you real women and Mistresses, I am always at least secretly on your side in wanting you to rule, and be the superior gender.
from nancy, who just wants to curtsey out of respect for all you real women and Mistresses.

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