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Feeling poorly as a kid
We all faked illness as a kid to get off school for a day or two, didn't we? Well I did, but my Mum had a very good disincentive for me to be off poorly.

One day when I was ten we had a test at school, and I was terrified of it. So when I woke up that morning I pretended I had a really sore throat and a nasty tummy ache. I was pleasantly surprised that Mum believed me. She sent me off to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then said I should stay at home. I was celebrating my cunning as I returned to my bedroom.

And then I suddenly didn't feel quite so clever.

"If you're feeling that poorly, Ali, I don't want you up and about. You need to rest. So to let you stay in your bed without having to get up I'm going to pop you back into a nappy and these baby pants for the day. Then if you do need a wee-wee you can just use your nappy, and Mummy will change you when she comes up and checks your nappy for you. Now lie down on your bed and let Mummy pull down your pyjama bottoms and put your nappy on for you..."

I had been completely out-foxed. If I protested that I wasn't really poorly I'd surely find myself across her lap for a spanking for lying to her. And if I continued to pretend to be poorly I was going to find myself in nappies all day, and be forced to use them.

The choice was taken away from me when she pushed me gently onto my back and stripped off my jim-jam bottoms. She powdered me and pinned me tightly into my nappy. Then she threaded the baby pants up my legs and into place over my nappy.

"There!" she said. "Now you can lay in bed all day without needing to get up. And don't worry if you wet your nappy. Mummy will change you later. If you get a good rest today maybe you'll be well enough to go back to school tomorrow, do you think?"

I meekly nodded.

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