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Mom defends sons right to wear tutu on AOL
In a news feed today, 08/29/16 AOL posted a story of a mother defending her sons right to wear a tutu if he so desires.  I agree with her.

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AOL!? Didn't know they were still around! But yes, I stand with mom! A boy child should have as much right as a girl child to express his image to the world! We need to end the double standards!
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart
Agreed, awesome mom, hope she encourages him to embrace his feminine side and say fu world!
Mom defends her 3-year-old child’s right to wear tutus

I found a link to the story, thought I'd post it here.  I admit "tutu" is what caught my eye, my opinion of the perfect sissy attire so pretty and comfy, and so daring, but it appears to be about a child's self-expression being somehow, controversial.  Kudos for Mom!  How many here wish for a lost childhood where dreams were encouraged and supported instead of beaten down by conformity?

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