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Bibs & Dummies
Hi everyone.

I must admit that I do like bibs and dummies - their  infantile nature appeals to me.

I used to have a PVC Nursery Print bib and when I used to go and visit "Auntie". She would always make me put it on. (The advantage of this type of bib, is that because it is PVC , it is easy to clean). However, when I went for my (so far) only visit to an Adult Baby Nursery, A cloth bib was attached around my neck.

With regards to dummies - despite being an adult, I still suck my thumb,so it was a natural progression to move onto dummies. I live  in a village. Quite a few years ago, whilst walking in the surrounding country lanes I would put a dummy in my jacket pocket. When I was quite sure that no one else was around, I would stick in my mouth and suck it. (I have often wondered what would have happened if someone had caught me unawares and seen me sucking my dummy).

The dummy I have at the moment is a German NUK Pro Medic, although I will probably have to get one a slightly larger size. (I tend to suck it whilst tucked up in bed with my teddy bear).

Although dummies are primarily designed to soothe and comfort, they also make excellent gags. It is wonderfully humiliating for  a fully grown man to be dressed in nappy and baby clothes, unable to protest because he a has a dummy in his mouth. (The American term "Pacifier" is just apt).

I am sure that I have my  PVC Nursery Print bib somewhere in the house. I will try and find it and if successful put it on and be a big baby again. (Won't that be nice?) Smile
Be nice to see a picture of you with your dummy
I like dummies too, especially over-sized ones. They’re very soothing and babyish.
I love dummies as well as babies bottles.  i was never weaned off them by my mummy as i have always been autistic and it helps sucking on dummies and it's a huge comfort to us big babies . My mummy never minding me sucking a dummy or drinking out of my many babies bottles around her when at home with her. I could never go to sleep at bedtime without a dummy along with my cuddly toy duck "Quackers" which mummy bought for me back in the 1990s. Mummy still put me to bed every night even when i was in my late twenties she use to pop one of my dummies in mouth and then tuck me in bed with my cuddly duck. To tell you the truth my mum loved babying me. Mum always used to buy me new dummies and bottles as well as latex rubber teats when she went shopping.
These days i sleep with my teddy bear called "Bungle" instead and of course a dummy every night which is the new type of all rubber latex babies dummy for 12-18 months it has a cherry teat and is surprisingly quite a large teat as well it's so comforting and i suck on it all night long i love it.
This all rubber babies dummy can be bought online from Amazon or any any other website it is made in Italy and is the brand 'Sauvinex' all rubber soother 12-18 months it has a round teat and is very comforting i have three.

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