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Cruel words
Girls can be so cruel sometimes. It was bad enough that I'd been made to wear a dress and frilly panties to my little sister's party. Her friends had thought it hilarious to see a fifteen year old boy dressed in a little pink party dress. But they were beside themselves when Mummy forced me to answer their inevitable questions about what I was wearing under my dress. 

I'd been forced to play their silly girly games in the garden for a while, desperately trying to stop them lifting my dress to reveal my frillies. I needn't have bothered. We ended up playing Twister, and before long I was on all fours with my bottom high in the air and my knickers in full view of everyone. 

Eventually I'd had enough of their teasing and lashed out. I pushed one of the girls and she fell over. And then started to cry. Before I knew it Mummy was stood there demanding to know what had happened. I had no defence. And all the girls were only too keen to see me punished. 

I thought I might get sent to my room, maybe even sent to bed, even though it was still quite early. But no. Mummy wasn't going to let me get off so lightly. 

"Ali," she said, "you've been a very naughty boy. So I'm going to spank your bottom for you, right here in front of the girls. I want them all to see you receive your spanking."

My heart sank. I begged her not to spank me. Or failing that, to spank me in the privacy of my bedroom. But no. I was to be spanked right there in front of everyone. 

"Lift up your dress so that I can pull your knickers down."

Oh no! Mummy was going to give me one of her bare bottom spankings. I thought she'd at least let me keep my knickers on in front of the girls, but it seemed I wasn't to be spared any humiliation. 

Bright red in the face, I meekly lifted my dress to make it easy for Mummy to reach my panties. She put her fingers under the waistband on each side and pulled my knickers down round my ankles. 

That's when I heard one of the girls say "Oh my god! That's so tiny! No wonder his Mummy puts him into girls' knickers!" And then they all started laughing. 

To such a background I shuffled over to Mummy's chair and she pulled me across her lap. Making sure my dress was well out of the way high above my waist, she began to spank my bare bottom. 

On and on she went until it felt like my bottom was on fire. Then when she was finally done she stood me up and told me to pull my panties back up. Still the girls were laughing at me, and still I could hear their cruel words echoing in my ears.
You should add a chapter or two to this story. Like maybe the boy started bullying the girls from all of their teasing him causing his mom to make him wear dresses on a more regular basis then eventual going to school in a catholic school jumper approved by the nuns,
I'll see what I can come up with!

Any other ideas of what you'd like to see happen next, anyone?
Hi again,
Loving this story .. hope you don't mind but this is what I would like to see happen xx

After his spanking the girls continued to play, not realising that both he and mum had disappeared in doors, but when they re appeared a bit later she was holding the hand of a very tearful and contrite young man, albeit, a young man dressed in the most delightful  pretty pink frothy party dress,  she walks him right over to the girls and tells him in no uncertain terms .. "Right then young lady, you are going to join in and play very nicely, and I will have no more of this nonsense, you are NOT, going to ruin this party." as he walks like a lamb to the slaughter, towards the group of smiling and giggling girls, mum turns to walk  back towards the house now ready to share a glass of wine on the patio with the other mothers when suddenly she stops walking and turns back to the group, her next words hit like a pistol shot,  "O, and by the way, remember what I said, once you've wet your nappy, you are to tell one of the big girls to bring you to mummy so we can get you changed." For a moment there was a quiet pause from the group, but it was a small reprieve, as curiosity about his new underwear got the better of the girls  .....!
Very good! I love the idea of the additional humiliation of having a nappy on under his dress.

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