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Living the sissy chastity challenge Update December
Update December
¬†‚ÄúLiving the sissy chastity challenge‚ÄĚ
Mistress  Natasha  keeps me now 185 days in permanent  chastity
For 185 days now I am permanently locked in chastity. This is often very frustrating, especially if, as usual, I wake up in the morning between four and five o'clock full of sexual thoughts. How much would I play with Mistress’ property and satisfy myself. On the other hand, I have to say that Mistress Natasha, with my chastity and harsh punishments, has the best control elements. It serves her to make me do what is necessary to advance my feminization. If for some reason, I do not do what is required, Mistress has no reason to give me any relief at some point. But if I am good and obedient, I have the hope of release at sometimes. That is what  drives me.

I think chastity for myself is an absolute must. Chastity teaches me as a sissy that my pleasure doesn’t  matter, only my Mistress pleasure is important. Chastity prevents me from playing with myself, therefore denying any satisfactory realise and prevent me from pretending I am a real man. Chastity is even better for myself, when permanent, like now. I have noted, over time I have stopped associating Mistress' small, ineffectual property with sex and begin to associate it as just a reminder, of how badly I failed as a man.

Usually I get up at seven to prepare for my day. First I stand in my corner for 15 minutes, hands on my head and let Mistress Natasha invade my mind. It's a bit like brainwashing, it makes me submissive and obedient, it reflects my low status and raises Mistress Natasha on a pedestal. The same ritual is repeated in the evening before I go to sleep. However, I must confess, I forgot it a few times this month because I was very tired. I hope Mistress Natasha forgives me if she reads this because I did not confess it to her and maybe that is a bigger crime.

Then I go to the bathroom to shower, brush teeth and shave thoroughly. To keep my legs, arms and my genital area hair-free, I epilate myself lately. That was painful in the beginning, but the effect lasts much longer. My skin is soft and smooth, just as it should be for a sissy like me. In addition, a stubble-free, soft skin on the whole body is one of the principles of my sissy chastity challenge.

I will dress then. Female underwear  of my choice. Basically, however, my legs must never be naked. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am forbidden to wear hold ups or stockings with suspenders, I have to wear double tights and bra on these days. Mistress Natasha controls this from time to time, while I'm worried on these two days, someone could possibly recognize the outlines of my bra under my shirt. Now I will get used to it and of course will do what Mistress Natasha demands to avoid punishments and to be the obedient sissy, Mistress Natasha can work with.

It is unbelievable how quickly Mistress Natasha got me in line since I am locked in chastity and how much I fear Mistress when she is in the bad mood. Luckily that is very rare.

Humiliation keeps me grounded. Mistress Natasha  make it sure, I never have the urge to pretend I am a real man again by keeping me, as a sissy, humiliated. Mistress get me to perform for her, things such as maid duties, attire checks even at work or Mistress' uniform inspections.

Well, this month I did not pass a uniform inspection to the standard of Mistress Natasha. I shamefully exploited her generosity and for convenience did not wear my high heeled boots during my sissy household chores. For eight days I was banned from sitting in a chair, armchair, couch or bed, and I had to wear bra for eight days, even while working. Yes, Mistress Natasha's generosity was over, replaced by rigor and consistency. But I need that rigor and consistency and adore Mistress Natasha all the more.

As for my exams, I already reported last month, Mistress Natasha has summarized my November exam and December exam into three parts. The first part is to buy a skirt suitable for my purpose (to go in public as sissy caja) in a real shop. Then show this to Mistress Natasha and keep her judgment, or exchange it for another skirt.

Well, there was a misunderstanding here. Mistress Natasha thought I was trying on this skirt in the shop, but she did not explicitly stress that. So I bought a suitable knee-length, A-line skirt in brown and showed it in the evening Mistress Natasha. Mistress Natasha agreed to the skirt and will postpone a skirt fitting in a real shop for next year. Thus, the first part was passed.

The second part of the exam is to go public as a sissy caja in a time of my choice, but still I can go with a pair of pants, but otherwise as a sissy caja. That means with wig, false breasts, make-up, with handbag and women's shoes. I will probably do this next weekend.
The third part is similar to the second part, but this time with the purchased skirt. I will try to do this before Christmas. Of course, this exam appeals to me very much, although my heart is pounding. But with some pressure and motivation from Mistress Natasha, it will be my pleasure to pass this exam. Who knows what a potential reward will look like.

sissy caja
sissy caja
(12-02-2018, 03:05 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: Over halfway through the year and you are really not missing pleasuring yourself are you darling?
What's another 180 days between a Mistress and a sissy?
I would have a guess, that not confessing to your Mistress that you have not done your corner time, may mean that you have to wait until next year until you are released, but that will be Natasha's decision.

Changing the subject, are you excited about going out for a walk wearing a skirt?

Hello, dear Maitresse Yvette-Louise,

thank you so much for your reply. Yes Maitresse Yvette-Louise the first half year is behind us but of course I miss pleasuring myself so much. I only play with my cage in the hope of bit of some kind of release. When Mistress should decide another 180 days without any release, what I can do about - absolute nothing. Maybe Maitresse Yvette-Louise is right with the adoption that I have to wait until next year but maybe Maitresse Yvette-Louise will influence Mistress Natasha's decision to do so.

Yes Maitresse Yvette-Louise, I am very excited to go for a walk in a skirt for the first time in my life, even thought my heart will race. And maybe I need to alittle push from Mistress Natasha or Maitresse Yvette-Louise.

sissy caja
sissy caja

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