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Female Supremacy BUNK! -- MEN SHOULD RUN THINGS!!!
NOT FAIR!!!!!  We men have had it!   We CAN so and SHOULD RUN THINGS... take this You oh so mighty Female Masters!

We can and SHOULD RUN vacuum cleaners!

[Image: 2f0dfc4f7b3fa91305d02771b1c04e02--clean-...friend.jpg]

We can and SHOULD RUN dishwashers!!!

[Image: cameriera%20sexy.jpg]

We can can and SHOULD RUN off to do our feather-dusting!!!

[Image: b23a12875c212e26d9155cf880e3300e.jpg]

We can and SHOULD RUN to the kitchen and prepare meals!!!


Although it makes us sad... we can even RUN our stockings... though we SHOULDN'T!!!

[Image: run_stockings.jpg?1475727475]

Which makes our FEMALE MASTERS angry.... They Punish us - so we cry

[Image: crying-woman-messed-make-up.jpg]

SO THERE.... we male girls can RUN lots of things!!!!

NO -  Oh NO .... NOT AGAIN  PLEASE FEMALE MASTER.... *sob* Please don't take us on another PUNISHMENT RUN  to VICTORIA's SECRET?!?!   We'll be good.... *whimper*  PLEASE IT's SO-O SO-O EMBARRASSING... 

[Image: d87d14e260707f92ef3f8c4c4f47c2cf--linger...stores.jpg]


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