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Wearing mother's and sister's clothes
I was lucky that way .My cousin would dress me in her old clothes or some she would find in one of the old steamer trunks in the , Attic .
I was never bullied or shamed for wearing them .My aunt tells me how she misses these times .The time she had her own living breathing special .Little pincess doll .
I was spoiled rotten .None were too lacey or silky . I loved all the praise and attention i got .
Boys clothes were a diffrent issue though . I hated them. I felt cut off and not one of the girls . UGLY !
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Hi Robyn, I came wired in pink. Even without any sisters, I wanted to dress as a girl, and have an understanding female dress and nurture my femininity.

In my dreams, I longed to be feminized and made into a sweet daughter.

I live and work male and am married. But I still dream girl. At least the girl inside me makes me a better guy, I know.

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