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Petticoating and Age
For mother's who are considering Petticoating and Feminization for an unruly son, what age is recommended for best results?
2. Should monthly periods be considered?
3. How should masturbation be handled?
4. When should Petticoating be discontinued, if deemed successful? How long under mother's guidance should it take before some         success is shown?
5. How important during Pettiecoating, is some form of punishment permitted for rudeness/aloofness? 
6. During this period of training, is love and closeness between mother and son in order?
Great questions, all of this depends on the situation and the mothers ability to enforce petticoating for extend period of time. For some moms they start out using petticoating as punishment, this may last for several hours to days. The problem is once back in pants most boys behavior resurface. The mother has to be willing to use petticoating every time the brat act outs. The moms I work with realize that a more permanent solution is the best option. They enforce strict petticoating on their sons which means keeping them in dresses full time, no pants or shorts are ever allowed, no sports or video games, ballet and dolls replace those activities.

1). 8 to 12 is the best age to use petticoating, it can be done on older brats but takes more effort. For younger boys a less expressive approach works best. I have known mothers who have started when the brat was a toddler and few even right from birth.
2). My recommendation is no on monthly periods
3). Masturbation should never be allowed period.
4). Always depends on the mothers goals, success is measure by the brat no longer acting out. For the moms I work with they find permanent petticoating is the only solution to ensure the unwanted masculine behavior is gone for good.
5). Yes other punishments are required, spanking, walks outside work well. Some moms make their princess spend hours learning to curtsy and act girly, spanking them if they ever act boyish well in a dress.
6). This is important especially for the mothers who plans to make their sons princess forever. The mother needs to provide the right level of discipline and love.
I agree that boys should be in dresses and skirts . Baby boys are christened or baptised in gowns and dresses, up to toddler age boys wear tights. In order to get true equality amongst the genders gender labels for clothing should be abolished. I wore dresses as a boy and liked the freedom they offered in stead of those bifurcated things. Why should boys be subjected to trouser tyranny?
My petticoat punishment started when I was very young. I think I was six or seven, but it may have been even earlier. I have a sister two years younger than me and I remember being put into her clothes as a punishment. I used to have to go and ask her to borrow a pair of her panties, and she always seemed to choose the frilliest ones she had.

When I'd put them on I always then got a spanking over my mother's lap, so I've always associated being put into panties with spanking.

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