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Sissy Pippa gets found out
The minute I turned the key in the front door I knew something was different. The feeling in my gut was proved right when I walked into the living room to see my collection of plastic panties, nappies, pvc rompers, and all manner of girly clothes arranged on the dining table rather than in my hiding place. Alongside them was a note in my girlfriends handwriting which simply said "you've got some explaining to do" I panicked immediately and ran into the bedroom, where horror of horrors, my laptop was open and several of my favourite pages were open including lots of pictures I had taken of myself posing in my sissy finery, and also my birchplace profile with all the messages I'd sent to various dominant males and daddies. Shit. She knew everything.

I immediately phoned her mobile number. It rang a few times before she picked up and when she answered I could hear laughter in the background.
"Hello, 'Sissy Pippa', Whos been a naughty little pervert then?"
"Please, Anna. I can explain. Please don't tell anyone"
"Too late for that you little poof. I'm with Emma and Jane in the kings arms, we're just looking at all your pretty pictures and reading all your messages to "Uncle Roger." Steve and Pete have just come in, I'm sure they'll be interested too. I'll be home in a few hours and we can discuss what I'm going to do with you then"
My life was ruined. She was in my local pub with her mates and my workmates, soon everybody would know my secret. I sat on the sofa won dering what on earth was going to happen to me.
Half an hour later my phone started pinging with notifications, "284 people liked a photo you are tagged in "
I clicked on my Facebook profile to see to my horror that Anna had put a picture of me up on her Facebook. I was wearing a blonde wig, slutty makeup, a very short pink pvc maids dress, stockings, heels, and a clearly visible bulky nappy covered with my frilliest pink plastic baby panties. With the caption "so this is what my boyfriend does when I'm out. Don't you dare un tag yourself you little pervert"
Life would never be the same again.
The fear of being caught and exposed!

I live on my own, and pretty much all of my friends know I like to cross dress, but I always feel ever so slightly trepidatious when I have visitors that I may have left one of my more sissyish items of clothing out somewhere - in a washing pile or in the airing cupboard and someone accidentally opens it while looking for the loo.

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