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i need some punishments
i'm up from most anything
(11-15-2018, 08:43 AM)sissybabymike Wrote: i'm up from most anything


Your need is too vague to meet. Punished for what misdeed? How frequent? What have you tried? Do you have a Superior.

Details, baby, details!
Stamp out useless scrolling. Click Reply, then press CNTRL (or Command)  + A, then write your reply.

Your obedient servant,

micheleFFS  Cool
i play with my lil clitty daily, I have two cages and a timesafe but can never seem to lock myself up for long. I need a Miss to help me be good
Who is the woman who you fancy most?

Lock up your best chastity belt with a padlock.
Put the key in an envelope.
Give it to your desired one, and tell her not to give it back to you for a week.

Then tell her that whatever she dies, she mustn’t open it.

Eve and the apple, anyone?

Does, obviously!

Although the French call orgasm le petit mort - the little death.
I'm sorry, I don't have any Female friends I could do that with.

Anyone can send me private messages for punishments if you want to.
sissy baby mike...may I recommend you check out this prepared to work for a Female Superior!
I will look  into that, Thank you.
sissybabymike is my account on
(11-28-2018, 06:44 AM)sissybabymike Wrote: sissybabymike is my account on

Good for, look in the public tasks and find some tasks that appeal to you...there are many from dominant women who enjoy giving tasks to sissies!  Enjoy! And...if you work hard, you just might impress a Superior who will assign you regular tasks!
I still could use more punishments, A sissy can never have enough lol

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