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Women Proposing To Men
If you really interested in woman proposal to man,  I would like to recommend you Practice feminism. It was so helpful for me ones. Thanks to the I found a brilliant dress for my NORMAL wedding and find out what kind of wedding combine with it. If you looking for the creative idea too, the resource will help you. It is certainly will.

First, welcome to the Forum! Glad you are participating.

We'd love to hear more about your experiences.

Nice pictures. I really loved the one in which the dog is also looking at the boy while the girl is proposing.
(04-29-2017, 12:05 PM)LillieBuckley Wrote: Nice pictures. I really loved the one in which the dog is also looking at the boy while the girl is proposing.

Why would anyone be opposed to this - I would absolutely love it! And thrilled to wear a flowing wedding dress rather than a stale tuxedo. But I want it all - including a bachelorette party with plenty of hunky strippers!! Heart
(08-28-2016, 11:21 AM)JoanieB Wrote: Love this! I spent all my youth hoping and wishing that the girls of my dreams and crushes would have simply asked me out. The gender regulations diring my youth did not meet my personality trait or desires. I believe this severely limited my having and finding a woman who would have complimented my personal identification in being the beta part of a marriage.
I too spent my youth wondering why the girls didn't ask the boys out on dates. With what I understand was my female aspects so strong, it also felt as if the females should be the dominant ones.  Most of my dating in my 20s found more aggressive women asking me out, which was a delight.
Sissies need a dominant woman's firm guidence and firm hand.
After two failed marriages to macho womanizers, my wife was attracted to my gentle, submissive, feminine nature.  I was a virgin at the time who had been raised by a glamorous, domineering Mother who had had her fill of masculine aggressiveness and wished I'd been born a girl.

Mother conditioned me into cultivating a gentle, girlish nature. Whenever I got out of line or showed signs of masculinity she punished me and became cold and distant. Whenever I expressed femininity, she rewarded me and became warm and loving. As time passed she charmed me into playing with dolls and with other girls and identifying with the more feminine side of my personality. She also seduced me into playing dress up bras, garter belts, nylons, and heels and trained me to curtsy and pretend I was her maid.  She was never nicer to me, never more affectionate and approving than when I was brushing her hair, polishing her nails, fastening her sexy anklets, and helping her in and out of her high heels.  As time passed, I bonded more closely with Mother and her lady friends than with other males.

By the time I met the woman who was to become my wife I had never been able to ask a girl on a date or kissed a girl. My only kisses had been from Mother or one of her glamorous lady friends. My future wife was attracted to me.  She said she had never known such a "sweet little man."

She asked me for a date and we discovered we shared many interests in art, books, movies, and so on.  She continued to date me and we became even closer.  Then she asked me to marry her (though not on bended knee, but over romantic  dinner at a restaurant).  I was thrilled. After accepting I took her hand, lowered my head, and gently, respectfully, lovingly kissed it.  

My wife is older than me -- taller too, especially in the ultra-high heels she's so fond of wearing.  I often feel like a child when we're together in public.  In many ways we're more like mother and son -- sissy son -- than husband and wife.  But it works for us.  She loves having an adoring "sweet little man" as her "hubby" -- one who cooks and cleans, washes and irons, and wouldn't dream of being unfaithful.  And I love serving a glamorous, older woman who accepts and understands my underlying femininity and with whom I can re-enact my submissively devoted, girly-boy relationship with my beloved Mother.

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