Poll: Who shall receive the 2019 Susan McDonald Award?
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Peter Ferrar
15 30.00%
Julie Wilson
35 70.00%
Total 50 vote(s) 100%
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2019 Annual Susan McDonald Award Nominees
(01-04-2019, 07:37 PM)Alexandra Smith Wrote: I voted for Peter  for the award.  This vote for the male, goes against the fundamental principal of "Women In Charge" and as such caused me some consternation.  I personally, do not know either of the two nominees, or their work/leanings/teaching etc.  It would normally have been a "no brainer", I would have voted for the lady, but, as we are voting via Petticoated Discipline Quarterly, I had to break with my usual leanings as it was shown that he was very instrumental in keeping things going, when times were hard.  It would have helped if either, both parties had given a short list of reasons as to why we should vote for them, or there had been an overview given as to the reasons, that these two nominees were chosen. (If there is such information available, please accept my humble apologies).

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for your vote. You're right about Peter, he did the entire community a service at a critical time. As I understand it, he was the bridge between Victorian times and Susan Macdonald starting He has been dead for a long time.

Thanks for your comments. I suggest you send your post to Auntie Helga.
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Your obedient servant,

micheleFFS  Cool
The great Ms. Wilson deserves a thousand votes, but at least mine.
i vote for Julie Wilson!
JULIE WILSON has long been a stalwart foundation in the empowerment of Women to assume primacy in society based upon Their innate superiority.


She deserves a solid gold award of a feminized male girl with downcast eyes in full contrite curtsy...
I agree that Peter made a huge contribution. But I believe that he would have recognised the necessity of voting for the female candidate wherever possible if we are to build the new society we crave.

In this case the choice is simplified for me by the excellence of JW's wisdom and advice over the years!

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