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Becoming a better sissybaby Part 2
By the time we returned to the house it was almost time for my daily breastfeeding. Granny had some time ago found a big-breasted woman with huge lactating tits but no baby of her own to nurse me and she came once a day to our house where I would suck contentedly on first one and the the other tit for ten minutes each.
This was always the part of my daily routine I loved most, but this time I was feeling very uncomfortable about it as I would have to suck with a smelly load in my nappy and there was no way I would be changed before daddy came home to punish me.
However I was saved by Miss Diane - my wet nurse -who wrinkled her nose and made it clear she would refuse to nurse me unless I was changed. So my two aunties took me to the bathroom to be cleaned and changed for my feeding. I was very grateful even though it meant that they also gave my bare bottom some twenty hard swats with the paddle before putting me in a clean nappy.
For twenty minutes I nursed on Miss Dianeā€™s lovely breasts and enjoyed the taste. Of course after this I was prepared for her dessert, which entailed lying on my back while she straddled my face and released a torrent of her golden juice into my mouth. After this I was given the privilege of licking her pussy clean. Sometimes she would also have me continue working on her pussy and clitty to bring her to a climax, but today was not such a day.
Of course I still had to do my after-spanking corner-time. Before or was over my nappy was again wet and when auntie came to say i could come out, I also felt the need to do my number twos and had to ask her nicely if I could be put on the potty.
She told me to get my ducky potty and put it on the porch outside the front door. She then took down my nappy and plastic pants and say me on the potty and cuffed my wristst to the neck of the potty.
I was exposed in public, but fortunately the shrubbery next to the street gave some protection from the looks of passers-by. But when the postman came to the door to deliver the mail I was very visible to him.
He greeted me with a sly smile and a ā€¯Hello Pansy!ā€¯ , for as a frequent visitor to our house he was familiar with my condition and name. I did once have a masculine name, but for years now I was known as Pansy and it was the name with which I signed any papers put before me for as Mommy had taken care that this was now my name officially.
The postman rang the doorbell and seeing that I had already emptied my bowel in the transparent potty said ā€¯I see that you have done your poo-poo nicely. Your Mommy must be very proud of youā€¯. He also patted my plastic bonnet covered head and complimented me on my nice haircut.
Auntie opened the door and signed for the parcel the postman had brought. Seeing that I had done my poos she askel me if I was ready and when I nodded she unlocked the handcuffs and helped me stand, amd then had me bend over for my bum to be wiped with the baby wipes she had with her - this was something I was never allowed to do for myself. She pulled up my nappy and plastic pants and told me to go and wash the potty in the bathroom.
While auntie attended to me the postman lingered to watch and payed particular attention to my caged sissy clitty and again commented on how well I was being controlled.
The rest of the afternoon my aunties left me with my dollies in my playpen. I stayed there until daddy came home. I was let out of the pen and told to fetch the prison strap for daddy. My punishment for messing my nappy was to be forty lashes from the strap. Although I usually was able to take my punishment just bent over a chair or something this time I was fastened to the pillory in our back garden. Quite rightly so, as I could,not have taken the forty lashes without moving, which was impossible in the pillory where also,my ankles were fastened in stocks.
With the thrashing over daddy came to me and opened his fly in front of my face and took out his cock and I knew without telling how I was to thank him for the trouble he had taken to punish me. After he had emptied his load he replaced the bar of soap which had kept me silent during the lashing. Instead of corner-time I would now remain in the pillory until my bedtime.
After an hour or maybe even two it was time for my evening potty and meal in the highchair. This done Granny prepared me for bed but before plugging and nappying me she drew on rubber gloves and applied a generous dose of cream to my sore thrashed bottom. At first this felt cool and soothing, but I knew from experience that it would soon start to burn my poor bottom fiendishly, as it was Capsaicin she was applying.
After this and before I was put in the crib Mommy also came to the nursery and taking the tawse from the wall said that as a good Mommy she would also have to take part in my discipline, for which I had to hold out first one and then the other hand for six lashes with the strap.
As I lay in my crib in the darkened nursery I was at first still quietly sobbing with my throbbing hands and burning bottom and recalling all the humiliations of the day. But as the throbbing slowly subsided to a tingle and as the burning glow on my bottom turned into a pleasant warmth and as I felt soft plastic encasing my bald head, the chastity device enclosing my little pee pee tightly, the already wet diaper caressing my loins, the plug penetrating my hole and my teeth and tongue working on the penis pacifier, I experienced a revelation.
All the people in our house, Mommy, daddy, granny, my aunties and Mrs Wisdom must really and truly love me and care for me as they seen to spare no trouble in disciplining me. I felt such a huge surge of gratitude and love towards them that I had to ask myself what had I done to deserve such attention. I felt so ashamed of my ingratitude that I resolved that I would try and be even more of a sissybaby for them and accept anything and everything they would decide to do with me.
I also thought feverishly if I could come up with something that would convince them of my sincerity and then it came to me. I recalled that granny had in passing at one time referred to the possibility of having my teeth removed, but had seemingly forgotton about it. I decided that first think tomorrow morning I would ask Mommy, daddy and granny and everyone to please take me to the dentist to have all my teeth removed as this would both enhance my babyhood and make me fully dependent on mashed food as well as enhance my capabilities in pussy licking and cocksucking
where will I find part one???
(11-20-2018, 06:12 PM)babyian Wrote: where will I find part one???

Back up one page or LINK:

Jokingly maybe you are not old enough to be reading this forum LOL !
I love that you have your babies hair shaved off. To become more baby, one must look like one. =)

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