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Becoming a better sissybaby Part 1
It was dark when I first woke up, but that’s no guide to judging the time in my nursery. As I’m put to bed by 8 PM latest I usually first wake up maybe at five in the morning, but as no sunlight enters the shuttered nursery with its heavy drawn curtains and with no watch or clock in the room I wouldn’t know the time. I am usually quite wet when I first wake up. I have been pee incontinent for several years and will wet myself without waking, and when I am awake without even noticing it.
Of course I am always protected with a heavy-duty disposable nappy and plastic pants or - as usual for the night -with a plastic romper or plastic overalls. The pink plastic overalls reaching from knees to armpits and with the text ”FOR HEAVY BEDWETTERS” on the front are particularly humiliating. My crib is also fitted with a plastic sheet, and indeed the rule in our house is that I am never allowed to sit or lie on anything which is not covered with plastic.
When awake in my crib - from which with its locked top there is no escape - I am immersed in my sissybaby condition, with the warm and wet nappy hugging my loin, with the big rubber plug filling my botty, with the snug plastic collar permanently locked on me, with the penis pacifier caressing my mouth and with my tiny willie in the tight constraints of the smallest chastity device on the market - or so my Mommy assured me when she six months ago locked me in it before filling the lock with glue - and with the uretha tube making forever impossible any thoughts of a sissygasm which I could still get with the earlier devices.
I suspect that I would have trouble getting any kind of erection even if my pee pee was released. This I think may also have something to do with the pills that I have been made to swallow for years now. And how would I have without them have been able to develop a pair of quite perky little sissy tits so that mommy has already told me that I would soon be introduced to a training bra.
Usually I drift off to sleep several times in the night, so that I maybe again in deep sleep when my Mommy, grandma or aunties come to release me from my crib.
Our household has six adults who all share in varying degrees in my permanent babying, including participating in my disciplining and punishments. There is my Mommy, who may or may not still be my wife - I am not quite sure, as since my babying started some years ago I lost all my rights as a husband and the many documents I have had to sign over the years without reading them have probably included our divorce papers, but also some that have classified her as my guardian with me as a mentally deficient ward of hers.
There is also a man I have to call my daddy who was my wifes lover already when our marriage was still formally intact. He has of course full powers over me, but he is not the nappy-changing kind of daddy and he usually takes an interest in me only when his hand is needed for my discipline.
The person in our household who takes the keenest interest in my sissybaby condition is my mother-in-law, or granny as I have to call her. She is usually the one who has thought up most of the humiliations I am subjected to on a daily basis. She is still a very attractive lady of not more than fifty years and in a very trim condition, as I know whenever she wields one of my many punishment Instruments on my poor bottom.
There are also two aunties in the household, my wifes younger sister and her girl friend. They really see me is a real sissybaby rather than as a cuckolded sissy wimp and are correspondingly genuinly interested in seeing that I get to play with my dollies and can enjoy other childish delights. Not that their attitude preventa them from administering me a good and hard spanking with the paddle or whatever instument is on hand when such discipline is called for.
The sixth adult in the household is Mrs Wisdom, the housekeeper. She is regarded more as a family member rather than servant, and this means that she too is always ready to assist in my humiliations and punishments.
This morning it is my Mommy and granny who come to wake me up. The routine is almost invariably the same. Released from the crib my plastic pants, or romper as the case is this morning, are taken down and my heavily dripping nappy removed and I am led to my highchair. Before being seated granny will bend me over and, with her hands protected in rubber gloves, will remove my butt plug and taking the pacifier from my mouth replace it with the plug for cleaning in my mouth.
I am then given a plastic bib and put in the highchair which also is a potty chair. My wetting incontinence notwithstanding I am also undergoing permanent potty training. While no attention is payed to my wetting, which isregarded as normal whether day or night, I am under no circumstances allowed to mess my nappy. The plug during the night is of course part of this regime, as is the hour I spend every morning on the potty, usually fastened to the highchair. During this time I am expected to void my bowels into the potty, failure to do so will result in an enema and a spanking. Fortunately my bowel training is now so regular that I am very rarely constipated in the morning.
I also have a regular half-an-hour of potty time in the evening, before being plugged and nappied for bed. If I need to relieve myself during the day, which I usually have to do on an average twice a day, I have to ask an adult for the potty and for them to take it out and let me use it, always in view of the adult and of any visitors to the house. In addition to the potty highchair I have two other potties, a ducky potty with a long neck with a handle to rest my hands on after which they are fastened there with handcuffs to ensure that baby stays in place until she is allowed to get up. The third potty is a free standing one, also of adult size. All of these potties are made of clear transparent plastic, so that the adults can see and monitor my progress on the potty.
My nappy is changed only twice a day, in the morning and evening, meaning that it will be sagging before the change. My potty time during the day takes some of the pressure off from my nappy, but I can ask for the potty only for pooing, and if I fail to poop during potty-time this is always a reason for punishment. But the punishment for messing my nappy is always worse, usually calling for use of the dreaded birch on my bottom.
For my punishment there is a big array of instruments hanging on the wall of my nursery: several paddles, canes, straps and a nasty martinet, and also a birch soaking in a bucket of brine in the corner. Punishments are dealt out even for very trivial offences, or for no offence at all, just as part of the discipline necessary for my upbringing - all for my own good as I am regularly reminded. My bottom is not the only recipient of this discilpline, as the strap can be used on my hands and the martinet occasionally on my bare back as well. And now that my tits have grown noticibly Mrs Wisdom has discovered that they are also suitable for the martinet.
All my punishments are followed by corner time for up to two hours after spanking. And corner time has to be served with a bar of soap in my mouth.
This is part of the philosophy in our household that the sissybaby should always have a taste of soap, pee or cum in her mouth. (There is one exception to this that I will shortly come to). The taste of cum is of course a privilege that the sissy will not get to enjoy everyday. The taste of pee can be given with a baby bottle full of yellow liquid, but everything the sissybaby is fed is first blended in a mixer with a generous dose of pee as the main ingredient.
Thus also this morning, after I had sucked and licked my plug clean to Mommys satisfaction I was fed a pot of cold porridge which had been warmed her warm pee before serving. I have to be fed as my hands are always fastened to the high-chair when in it.
After my hour on the potty Granny wiped my botty clean and had me empty and wash the potty in the bathroom where I was also washed and soundly scrubbed in the bath. Then she announces that we would be going out and I would be dressed in the proper attire for an outing. I never liked being exposed as a sissybaby outside the house, but of course I had no choice in the matter, nor in the choice of clothes: this morning a frilly pink baby dress so short that it left my pink nursery print plastic pants prominently on display and of course a set of baby reigns was put on me.
We walked a few blocks with granny holding me on a tight leash to our destination, which proved to be the hairdressing salon regularly used by the adult women in our household. I was also a regular here as this was the place where my head was shaved every week or so.
This time granny had ordered a complete hair-do for herself and I was instructed to sit quietly in the corner on a low plastic stool which the owner of the salon had acquired specially for my use. Granny gave me a coloring book to keep me occupied while she was attended to.
After fifteen minutes or so I suddenly started having cramps in my tummy and know that I had to have the potty quickly before I started filling my nappy. I conveyed in my sissybaby voice to granny my urgent need for relief only to be answered in an angry voice how dared I disturb her in the middle of the hairdressers work when I had been told to sit quietly.
I knew better than to try again, but I also knew that my nappy would be filled soon. My weak sphincster would give away any time, and sure enough it did not take many minutes to do so. I managed not to release a telltale fart but the stink eminating from my nappy quickly alerted everyone to what had happened. Granny told me in no uncertain terms to be prepared for severe punishment in the evening as it would be daddy she would ala to discipline me. And until then I would have to gonthe corner and stand there facingnrhe wall in my dirty and smelly nappy as it would remain unchanged until evening.
After grannys hair was ready it was my turn to sit in the chair for my head shave, although granny was considerate enough to ask her hairdresser if she wanted to do put it off until the next day when she wouldn’t have such a smelly sissy to deal with, but she was ready to deal with me now. As usual the hairdresser used my baby reigns to fasten me to the chair, before putting me in a special sissy pink plastic cape, just to add to my humiliation.
Part of my permanent wardrobe was always a bonnet to protect my bald head, but not just any bonnet but always a transparent plastic bonnet which highlighted my humiliating condition, and this bonnet was now once again put on my head after it had been shaved.
Lovely story, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you, Love Marci

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