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Living the sissy chastity challenge Update NOvember
Update NOvember
 “Living the sissy chastity challenge”

Mistress Natasha keeps me now 157 days in chastity – new record!

Now Mistress Natasha is the only record holder who keeps me chaste.

But what attracts me to the desire that Mistress Natasha keeps me in chastity?

I think, it is my secret fetish that I find it highly provocative, arousing and very sexy, to the point that even just in my imagination of my Mistress can cause the beginning of an erection in my little cage. It links in with the sexual fantasy of surrendering me to Mistress in erotic submission.

I long to be “loved, locked and owned” by my Mistress, and I believe that wearing a chastity device will demonstrate my commitment and faithfulness to Mistress Natasha and I long to escape from every day realities and to allow my submissive desires some kind of freedom.

Orgasm denial is highly arousing for me. I believe that Mistress is superior to me and I need to demonstrate my acknowledgement of this by wearing a chastity cage.

A highly sexy aspect is that I will aim to seek my own pleasure in pleasing Mistress.  Wearing a chastity device helps me to achieve this.

I am interested in practising female behaviour and wearing a chastity device help me to save my sexual energy for this higher goal, emotional and intellectual. That way Mistress can keep up the sweet tension up for months.

As well as my chaste status, I personally am a bit proud of myself, as long as Mistress Natasha allows a sissy some pride. Often enough, I complained about the frustration and despair that chastity brings with it, but Mistress Natasha did not give me any chance of a relief in my request, which I had from the start of this sissy chastity challenge. But I did not disappoint Mistress Natasha and also Maitresse Yvette-Louise.

Mistress now could celebrate another of my male egos as erased! My naughty masturbation habits!

Last month was only little time to email and exchange, to take instructions -  other things in life were prioritized. Impatience and doubt penetrated my sissy soul. For that I have to apologize. I have to learn to become more patient, more obedient and relaxed.

That led to that, that some days ago, I was very confused and thought our relationship regarding the sissy challenge would be over. But that was not the case and I am all the happier. Without the accompaniment and support of my Mistress, it would have been almost impossible for me to meet the challenge. 

But Mistress punished me later for my doubts with four blows on each of my cheeks, and Mistress was very generous with it. I was then reminded with each swing of the wooden spoon that a sissy, like me has no opinions, it just does as it is told and that Mistress is still in charge. I’m sure I will remember better next time.  Although it would probably be better, Mistress would punish me more strictly to learn my lesson.

Five months ago, at least once in my life, I was very interested in submitting to a strict, demanding Mistress, becoming feminized, and going public as a sissy. The challenge, Maitresse Yvette-Louise called into life was ideal for my desire. Thank you Maitresse Yvette-Louise!  Anyway I miss  Maitresse Yvette-Louise, her comments, her poems and her views and hope sooner or later I will read again her thoughts to many different topics.

Mistress had promised me a reward for passing my last exam. Well, this week Mistress Natasha has delivered on her promise. From now on, instead of tights, I am allowed now, to wear stockings with suspenders, except Tuesdays and Thursdays, on these days I have to wear double tights. The only question left is whether I must continue to plead and beg for double tights to please Mistress Natasha. It is so erotic when Mistress asks me to beg and plead for something that humbles me superficially.

Well that may sound demeaning and embarrassing to an outsider, but I have always wanted that. It is a lot easier to use, especially in the bathroom, and it is more comfortable to wear. In addition, it seems much more exciting in my perception. Mistress Natasha will now be much more intense in my mind. Is Mistress Natasha not a kind Mistress to me?

Mistress insists to some little details. The details making sure I never go to work without panties, tights (now stockings with suspenders) and other women’s underwear under my jeans or work clothes. I have to leave my ankles cover  in tights exposed, Mistress making me wear matt nail polish and feminine fragrances offer nice little hints as to my true status, and keep me self conscious of my effeminacy. This way Mistress will ensure her sissy is burning with shame all day long.

This week Mistress Natasha asked me if I'm ready to take the next step, because Mistress has put together the November exam and the December exam.  I will get details of this exam until next week. It is getting serious and I am a little afraid, but I hope Mistress will push me a bit!

sissy caja
sissy caja
(11-09-2018, 09:57 AM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: Nice to see that Natasha has erased your naughty habits. I wonder how much longer she is going to keep you in chastity for?? 

I wonder myself, Maitresse Yvette-Louise. It is a big difference between fantasy and reality which I now experince but for Mistress Natasha a good tool.
sissy caja

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