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My Weekend
I'm a "10 going on 3" toddler boy with a strict Daddy. He doesn't sissy me, but he does treat me as a complete toddler, and sometimes, punished even worse.

Due to medical reasons, I actually have to wear nappies, which both Daddy and I are in a way happy about, because it fits so well with us.

But when I am naughty, he has a way to make me feel even more babyish and naughty. He sentences me to "baby punishment", so that means that for the time he decides, I am nappied in very thick terry nappies and plastic pants, potty time for #2s (I don't mess) is after enemas and I'm spanked just before my nappies go back on for a change, which happens 3-4 times a day.

When I'm not confined to bed (early bedtimes and naptimes are compulsory), I'm in a playpen with toddler and baby toys to amuse me. Or, if I've been naughty, I may end up sitting on a very sore bare bottom on a baby potty in the middle of the room.

My dummy is in my mouth the whole time and I get leg smacks for using "grownup" words... I drink from bottles, my food is mashed up and fed to me.

I am a very sore and sorry little boy when Daddy is finished.

Well, um, that was how I just spent my weekend. Daddy is watching as I post this to explain that I am a very very sorry boy and that I won't be cheeky or bratty or argue with Daddy ever again.
It sounds like you have a very loving Daddy, who only wants the best for you.

When he spanks you at nappy change time does he leave you on your changing mat and lift your legs and spank you in the nursery position? Or does he put his little baby over his lap and spank his bottie there?
I'm sure that just after your spanking, when you have been put back into your thick nappies and plastic pants and returned to your playpen for a while, you will be convinced that you won't ever be 'cheeky or bratty or argue with your daddy again'. But I think we all know that soon the soreness of your well spanked bottom will begin to fade away and we also know that little toddlers will soon begin to misbehave, be disobedient, or just be plain naughty. How is it that little boys never seem to learn? But that's what Mummies or Daddies are for … to keep little boys on the straight and narrow … and I'm sure your Daddy is no exception. It won't be long before he decides you need another lesson in how to behave. He'll take down your plastic pants and your thick nappy, (it's probably wet by now anyway), lead you over to the spanking chair, sit down, take you across his knee and begin to smack your naughty, (and still damp), bottom with his very large, stingy hand. Your bottom will be turning a rosy pink and the heat will be building up. Your only hope is that Daddy won't be using any of the many punishment implements he has at his disposal for dealing with particularly naughty little boys …  but then he stops spanking, reaches behind him and shows you what he now holds in his hand. Oh dear, it's the wooden backed hairbrush. It's now the tears begin to fall and you tell yourself once more that you won't ever be ' cheeky or bratty or argue with your daddy again'.

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