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Locktober and NOvember
Other than those in long term chastity, who else is being made safe for two months?

I still enjoy my denial and all that comes doesn't come with it.
*blush* I keep getting locked longer and longer, but still have a way to go before Daddy locks me for two months! Although it's been more than a few days at a time now and he says, 3 or 4 days are just like a week or longer... Being nappied and not being allowed to rub in them is the most frustrating embarrassing punishment... getting to the point where you're ready to plead... being reminded every time you pee and have to sit down...
Oh wailer you are so lucky to have a Daddy.

He may want you permanently locked! Wouldn't that be fun!

Sitting to whizz is a small price for your sexual security.

Love to Daddy XXX
should I be locked for Locktober and maybe NOvember?
(10-17-2018, 06:06 AM)sissybabymike Wrote: should I be locked for Locktober and maybe NOvember?

Oh yes! Join the chaste sissys XXXX

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