Poll: How should Elizabeth be punished?
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No further punishment
3 25.00%
2 cardigans at all time, 6 strokes of the cane, 2 hours of detention per week in school uniform for 2 weeks
1 8.33%
2 cardigans at all time, 12 strokes of the cane, 4 hours of detention per week in school uniform for 4 weeks
4 33.33%
2 cardigans at all time, 15 strokes of the strap, 4 hours of detention per week in school uniform for 6 weeks
4 33.33%
More severe
0 0%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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How should Elizabeth be punished for taking 3 attempts to write her punishment essay?
I am asking for your view on how Elizabeth should be further punished for taking three attempt to properly describe how she had been punished and what she has learned from it.  I personally think Option 3 is to be recommended but please make your choice.  If you choose Option 5 - even more severe please describe what you would recommend.  Elizabeth's mother and Aunt will likely enforce the most popular choice.  It is a deserved part of Elizabeth's humiliation for her punishment to be decided in this way. You can see how she is currently being disciplined from her earlier posts if you wish.
I think she needs strap followed by cane and detention every week.
I also think she should be more severely punished.
caned and strapped each week, and longer. perhaps 8 or 10 weeks.
Thanks to those who voted in the poll. As there is no reason for someone who has misbehaved to receive lenience I have selected the more severe of the two top polling selections. 

Elizabeth will therefore have the following punishments to serve for her sloppy preparation of her letter describing her punishment and learnings from it.

A) she must wear two cardigans at all times
B) she will receive 15 strokes of the strap to her behind 
C) she will do four hours of additional detention per week in school uniform 
D) punishment to last for six weeks 

I am sure in addition to her other well deserved sanctions they will help her to improve her unacceptable behaviour.

We look forward to hearing from you Elizabeth what these further punishments have taught you.

Best regards,

Perhaps being made to stand in the window in her school uniform might also be appropriate? Maybe even receiving some of her canings in full view of passers by may improve her behaviour?
I am writing to thank those of you who took the time to respond to the poll on my additional punishment organised by Gemma and of course Gemma herself for spending her most valuable time to ensure I am disciplined as I deserve.

My Aunt has imposed the additional sanctions voted for.    I was administered the strap 15 times in a single application across my bare behind in front of my cousins.  It was exceedingly painful, as well as humiliating, and I was reduced to tears.  I sat very carefully for 3 or 4 days.   I am now beginning my second week of my six week additional punishment.  I am having to wear two cardigans at all times including when I go to work.  I hate cardigans so this is a very humiliating punishment for me not least as except when in school uniform or Sunday best they are unfashionable Charity shop cardigans.

I served four hours of extra detention last week during which I was put in school uniform and again this included two school cardigans.  I had to write lines such as, "Elizabeth must remain in her schoolgirl uniform until she learns to spell correctly" and "I deserve to do detention because I am an impolite and ungrateful little girl". Due to my previous misbehaviour I must wear schoolgirl uniform whenever posting on this site so I am currently wearing green school knickers, wool vest, pale blue blouse, maroon and blue striped school tie, a maroon school pinafore dress with a pleated skirt, grey knee socks and two grey school cardigans. 

I hope you can see that I am being taught the lessons I deserve and I thank you for helping ensure I am adequately punished.

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth You are getting exactly the treatment you deserve. Do you have to wear your school underwear when going to work? If not I think you should.

Best wishes Antonia
Is there a reason you're not in just your school knickers and a vest when at home?
(10-30-2018, 01:01 PM)antonia Wrote: Elizabeth You are getting exactly the treatment you deserve. Do you have to wear your school underwear when going to work? If not I think you should.

Best wishes Antonia

I think you for correctly reinforcing that I am being punished as I deserve for my misbehaviour. I do not currently wear my school underwear as part of my ongoing punishments.

Instead I have to wear secondhand underwear which my Aunt obtained through her contacts at a local Charity shop. This consists of four pairs of beige or white large nylon knickers, two beige nylon camisole tops and a white nylon underdress. They were all well worn before I got them and because of their limited number are worn and washed frequently. I have had to mend holes in some of the knickers which is a further lesson for me as previously I would have thrown them away and bought another pair. In addition of course this means I am not allowed to wear a bra to further my discomfort and remind me that childish behaviour results in childish treatment.

I hope that I have answered your question and I will pass on your recommendation to my Aunt.

Yours faithfully,

I feel it is quite fitting you wear worn underwear when nout at work. New underwear would be a treat, which it sounds you don't deserve.
Heart A secret sissy from the UK. Heart

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