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Enid Blyton - "The unkind children"
Hi everyone.

One of my favourite Enid Blyton short stories is one entitled "The Unkind Children" (or something like that).

The story revolves two Children- a brother and sister called Donald and Elaine. They mistreat their toys, handling them very roughly and generally bashing them around. The toys are in total despair, until one day a pixie (yes, that's right-a pixie!) turns up. After hearing a story of mistreatment, the pixie tells the toys that he will put things right.

One night, as Donald and Elaine are asleep in their beds, the pixie turns up. The two children are astonished by his appearance, but equally shocked when they find themselves getting out of bed, unable to control their bodies. The are helpless as they follow the pixie through a tunnel and into a large room. To their horror, they then take off their nightwear and put on some clothes which have been prepared for them. Elaine puts on a red dress, whilst Donald finds himself donning a sailor suit. The children then find themselves unable to move and contained within a large box.

Things become clear when they hear talking. The lid of the box is removed to reveal some giant children., who express their delight at having a pair of dolls to play with.  They of course treat Donald and Elaine roughly, bashing them about and at one point Donald ends in a water-filled sink, due to his sailor outfit.(I think he was put on a toy boat).  Both children end up being dumped on a rubbish heap.

Of course, in this morality tale, Donald and Elaine both learn their lesson and in future treat their toys with care. What I like about this story is that it contains domination and humiliation. Donald is forced to put on  a sailor suit against his will, which is one of my fantasies. (What what make the story even better is if Donald was forced to put on the dress! a lovely thought!) Smile
What would also have been a lasting lesson for the children would have been if, when they were turned back from being toys to being children again, Elaine became Donald and Donald became Elaine!

They couldn’t very well tell their mother, because she’s hardly likely to believe such a far fetched story. And anyway, what would she have been able to do?

So poor Donald would be forced to do his best to pretend to be Elaine, and willingly wear panties and skirts, tights and dresses, as if nothing had happened. And all the while his sister, in jeans and t-shirts that she probably liked wearing anyway, secretly teases him about being so girly.
I think it’s possible to find quite a bit of hidden female supremacy in Enid Blyton.
The story certainly has a lot of possibilities, I love your idea of Donald being stripped of his nightclothes and then dressed up as a little Girly doll, imagine his horror and indignation finding he has no control over the big children as they play with him lifting his dress up revealing his frilly bloomers as his sister looks on dressed as a sailor!
I often wonder what it would be like to be trapped in the body of someone else, maybe a little girl or even a baby.

You’d be fully aware of everything that was going on, and what you were being given/made to wear, but the voice you had would be that of a little girl. Or you’d be a baby unable to talk yet.

Would you still protest, I wonder? Or meekly accept your fate?

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