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Out in public

Mistress Natasha has sent me a very interesting video. I think it is very valuable for all those who play with the intention of going public with female clothes. The video is very honest, without the usual exaggerations or humiliations you see in so many videos.

Maybe this is a small contribution to a better, female-led world, as many forum members emulate it.

Here is the link:
sissy caja
The video that had really caught my attention was posted by Samantha in the UK and is called "A crossdresser trying to go unnoticed"

The opening captions on the screen say it all "Let's see how scary the world is as a crossdresser.... 
I hope not as as scary as it feels to do this" before showing her walking in public in a dress.

I really can relate to this girl, her words strike a chord with me and I have tremendous respect for any TV/CD that goes out like she does, knowing and being honest with herself in saying that she is not 100% passable. 

By doing this she is quite possibly putting herself up for public ridicule, but also has an overwhelming need to satisfy her female/TV urges.

Unless you have done this yourself, gone out in public and tried to "pass" as a women you can possibly not know the courage it takes.

Having done it myself, I do speak from experience.
Miss Natasha
Unless an outing involves an appointment or contact with family members I always go out dressed as a female. My wife insists on it. Have done so for many years and have never been 'challenged' or pointed at! Provided you dress 'sensibly' no one will take any notice. These days everyone is so involved in their own little world you actually have to do something out of the ordinary to even be noticed. Most mornings we walk the beach. I keep my 'bits' tucked and no one takes a second glance as we stroll the beach in our summer clothes. I do have real breasts and that helps!
My doctor and specialist know who I am. Yet I dress as a male for any appointments. It just makes life easier for them and everyone involved. (I have a current health issue that is involving many tests. I recently went for some CT scans. Well usually they just involve a quick journey through the scanner. The last time they insisted I undress. There I stood. Panties and painted toe nails. I had an ankle bracelet on. They ask that I remove the bracelet. Apart from that not a word was said. Not a snigger. Nothing).

Don't draw attention to yourself. Be who you are and you'll be ok.

I completely agree with what others have said here.

In my experience you don’t need to be 100% convincing as a female to go out dressed. When I was still in my twenties I flattered myself that I could pass pretty convincingly, and I did manage to hold down a bar job dressed as a gurl. I know I’m not as convincing now I’m in my thirties, but in my experience no-one really cares.

If you’re careful, and dress appropriately for your age, it’s fine. In the end, it’s just clothes.
Belinda and Ali are spot on. I think sometimes the initial fear, is that you will be going out in a sissy dress, or a French Maids uniform, or just something provocative. The fact is, if a woman dressed that way, they too would get noticed, and be subjected to stares (and whistles), and propositions. If you dress in “everyday” sensible / casual clothes, you will likely go unnoticed. Particularly in colder weather. A sweater or jacket, jeggings or yoga pants and boots - you blend right in. If on the other hand, you secretly want to be noticed (as I often do), then short skirts and heels will do the job every time. When I am dressed somewhat provocatively, then I get an adrenaline rush - and LOVE it when I get noticed. Stick with basics, and have fun!❤️
My experience is that with my longish hair, possibly wearing brighter colors (or not), i frequently get 'mam'd by store clerks (it happened yesterday at the supermarket and made my day), who aren't really looking that closely at me, just taking visual cues.
On reflection there is/was one item that drew attention to me at first. Years ago I had to get new glasses. I lashed out and purchased rather expensive ones. (2 for 1 deal). Well just a few days later I lost one pair. My wife made me buy a handbag and put everything into the handbag. It proved to be an excellent idea. Everything goes into the handbag. Spare glasses, phone, wallet/purse, make up etc etc etc. Well at first some folks looked and commented. Mainly family members. Wife told them in no uncertain terms that I couldn't afford to loose anything else, thus the handbag. Now days folks don't give a second glance at men carrying handbags. Albeit 'manbags'. I have graduated to a far more feminine style but in the last few years not a comment. Not a second glance.

Times are a changing. I'm sure we worry way too much about what other folks think. It's a selfish self centered world we now live in. Very few folks look at other folks.

We live near a reasonable sized shopping center with approx 100 stores. Almost every time we go over there we see a male who has transitioned. Not very convincingly I may add, and no one takes a second glance.

Just use common sense and keep the 'over the top' clothes for when you are at home.

Why do I suddenly remember this? Well today I have an eye exam. I will need new glasses. I intend getting some that are way more feminine.

It's very true if you wear sensible clothes the kind most women of your own age would wear,you don't get a second look, at least I never have and I've been going out dressed enfemm for the past 35 years or more. The hardest part is getting away from your own doorstep , where a neighbour may recognise you by your physical appearance. Once you are on the streets being confident is very important, walk and look like you have a purpose. I would recommend anyone to try it, the excitement I still get is fantastic.

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