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The Gender Role Reversal Art of Jamie Vesta
Great set of pictures, they really capture the goals of gender role reversal society.
[Image: evening_of_the_dance_by_eves_rib-d2wrerv.jpg][Image: zipping_her_brother_s_dress_by_eves_rib-d2u1g0y.jpg][Image: youth_preparing_for_prom_by_eves_rib-d2tvzcv.jpg][Image: prom_couple_by_eves_rib-d2wo74i.jpg][Image: prom_couple_no_2_by_eves_rib-d5y4ilc.jpg]
The art is fantastic, the feminized males always look so happy.
(09-15-2016, 07:39 PM)Lovely debutante KENDRA dreams of being HIGH SCHOOL PRINCESS swooning as he meekly and femininely dances in the strong Female arms of BARBARA on Prom Night...while BARB envisions the young male\s slender girlish body lying face-down beneath Her on the back seat of Her 2023 Jaguar. Wrote: [Image: kenny_doll_dressup_by_eves_rib-d812hb4.jpg]
[Image: kenny_doll_by_eves_rib-d80tdch.jpg]
[Image: kenny_doll_prom_by_eves_rib-d8171uo.jpg]

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