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Fundamental Approach to 'Bringing Up Baby'
Fundamental Approach to
‘Bringing Up Baby’ and creating a successful Female Led Relationship
(My name is Courteney and I am the dominant half of a relationship with Ian, my husband, who has, over time, become my ‘ Baby’ and who lives a life which is entirely governed by my Rules and Regulations both within our house and outside in the world at large.)
Our relationship has never been better and although Ian is no longer regarded as an Adult by the Family we both enjoy our Roles immensely. Ian endures the shame and humiliation he craves ‘under’ the Care and Control of the Family and I get a house that is spotless and hours of ‘personal’ attention from a loving and obedient Baby Boy.
Although Ian’s Baby Pee Pee is too small to be of any interest to me his oral skills make up for it night after night!! In my opinion it is never enough to simply sentence Baby to a ‘life in diapers’ and all that that entails. It is necessary that he be constantly reminded of those Grown Up Pleasures and Privileges, he once enjoyed, and which are now strictly forbidden to him as they are no longer appropriate ‘for one so young!” 
For this reason I often walk around the house in my underwear just reminding him of the strictest Rule. ‘He can look but can never Touch!!’
The Loss of Modesty and Privacy
Ian no longer enjoys any Adult Privileges and as such Modesty and Privacy are a thing of the past. Over the months of ‘training and tuition’ such luxuries have been removed causing his Role as my Baby to become known and enjoyed not only by myself but by others who are interested in his training and tuition!
Never a day goes by now without Ian experiencing some form of humiliation or discipline.
The frequent ‘diaper checks’ provide visitors, as well as Family, with considerable amusement much to Ian’s discomfort and disgrace.
Early bedtimes necessitate Ian being brought downstairs after bathtime in his thick night diaper to say Goodnight to all the Family and any other Grown Ups who may be present.
All Babies need routines and consequently these have been established and rigorously adhered to for the past two years. Bedtimes, Bathtimes, Pottytimes and Feeding times are all strictly observed.
Normally Baby’s last feed is given at 5.00pm followed by Bathtime at 5.30pm and bedtime at 6.15pm. 
(Ian has had to learn that evenings are for Grown Ups only and as such all ‘Babies’ are tucked up and strapped into their beds for the night to prevent interruptions!)
Laundry Chores
It is so important that Ian is constantly reminded of all those Adult Pleasures, Privileges and activities which he is now no longer permitted to experience or enjoy.
(The weekly laundry chore when he is required to hand wash all our panties is a subtle reminder of those long forbidden ‘treats’ he once took advantage of)
My mother (Nana), my daughter April (Auntie April) and her two young children all know and help with Ian’s Training as do some of their friends and of course his Babysitters, Clare and Lauren and their boyfriends from the nearby College.
It is especially delightful when April brings her laundry over to the house as this includes her daughters’ panties. In this way Ian is cruelly reminded that even her children, aged 4 and 5, are now able to wear proper panties as they are completely Potty Trained. Something Ian will never be permitted to learn!
Particularly shameful and humiliating for Ian are those evenings when he is left in the care of his two regular Babysitters Claire and Lauren. Both young girls are students at the local College and as such enjoy earning extra money. They have known ‘Baby’ for six months and enjoy his predicament enormously. They often arrive early so they can watch his Bathtime with Nana and his Night Nappy change before bedtime! 
I’ve always encouraged them to have their boyfriends and girlfriends over to the house once Baby has been ‘put down’ for the night up in the Nursery. 
Lying there, with his little Pee Pee helplessly dribbling into the thick padding as he listens to the girls ‘having fun’ downstairs or next door in the bedroom is such a delightful torment for Ian and subtlely reminds him of all those pleasures he will never enjoy or participate in again.
Ian no longer owns or wears any form of Adult underwear whatsoever. He now wears diapers and plastic panties all the time just like all the other Babies.
His tiny little Pee Pee now dribbles helplessly into his diapers so it is necessary to keep it continually wrapped up under thick padding and protective plastic to prevent leaks.
(I now achieve my pleasure using Ian’s tongue for long periods until I am completely satisfied with his efforts and able to dismiss him and have Nana return him to the Nursery)
The Morning Potty
Providing Ian is not being punished he is permitted to ‘go Potty’ once a day at 6.30am when he is expected to ‘perform’ his Pooh Poohs ‘for Nana.’ He has to remain on the Potty until he has completed his ‘performance’ to Nana’s satisfaction.
Nana usually supervises his bathtime and night diaper which consists of two or three booster pads inside his diaper. Everynight Nana inserts some ‘Botty Pills’ (suppositories) into his little Rosebud so that he ‘performs’ properly on the Potty in the morning. Unfortunately there are occasions when Ian is unable to control his Rosebud during the night as the Botty Pills are so powerful, and his little Rosebud has become so weak consequently he cannot prevent himself from making a Pooh Pooh in his diaper before his morning Pottytime. When this happens Nana always praises him for ‘being a good Baby’ and using his diaper properly but he is then made to remain in his ‘nasty diaper’ for long periods while he completes his morning chores and duties and in this way he becomes familiar with the discomfort and the disgrace!
At home Ian is subject to a strict ‘Dress Code’ as all his adult clothing has been generously donated to local Charity Shops. 
Ian wears thick diapers (usually two soaker pads) and plastic panties, short white ankle socks, Mary Jane strap sandals and a pink Leotard which prevents his diaper from sagging when wet and also prevents Ian from putting his hands inside his diaper or trying to remove it. If visitors or guests are coming to the house Ian wears one of his little dresses and he is placed in the Playpen along with his colouring book and dollies.
Ian wears an extra thick diaper, two pairs of plastic panties, thick mittens and a Babygrow.
As far as sex is concerned there is none for Baby. His tongue is used to provide hours of pleasure for me but the fact that he now needs to wear diapers and has learnt to use them just like all the other Babies means that his Pee Pee remains in his diaper at all times. Of course the build up of ‘Baby Juice’ in his little ‘plumbs’ has to be extracted occasionally for health reasons and it is Nana who supervises this whenever she deems it necessary. 
Ian is regularly reminded, both in private and in public, that his ‘little Baby Pee Pee’ will never again be able or permitted to visit a Lady’s Princess! 
The Extraction Process
This ‘extraction process’ is not a pleasant one for Baby, nor should it be, and understandably he doesn’t like it when Nana insists on extracting the ‘juice’ from his tiny Pee Pee.
Forbidden to play with or touch his Pee Pee Nana removes his diaper and has him kneel down infront of her on the ‘extraction board.’ This is a padded board on which Baby can kneel and in the middle it has a facility for fixing a selection of large silicon dildos. Nana then puts on some latex gloves and lubricates his Rosebud thoroughly. Once done Nana returns to the chair and Baby has to lower his Botty down onto the dildo making sure it ‘disappears’ right up and into his little Rosebud. 
Riding ‘Horsey’
Ian is then instructed to ‘play horsey’ and ride the thick dildo ‘properly’ while Nana supervises his performance, often holding onto his Harness Reins!
Occasionally the Extraction Board is brought down to the living room and Baby is made to ‘Play Horsey’ for the amusement of the Family and any visitors or guests. It is excruciatingly humiliating for Ian but incredibly amusing for all of us!
If Baby is finding it difficult to ‘dribble’ for Nana a guest is offered the opportunity of ‘encouraging’ Baby by taking Nana’s seat and then pulling her own skirt up allowing Baby to see her panties and stocking tops and this usually encourages Baby to ‘gallop’ on the ‘horsey!’. Once the juice starts to dribble out of his Pee Pee Baby often starts to cry as this is not an enjoyable orgasm for him but just a functional one. 
Forbidden to stop ‘riding horsey’ Baby must continue ‘galloping’ until all the ‘dirty’ Baby Juice has been extracted and collected. Only then is he given permission to ‘climb off horsey’ and be put back into a new diaper. His Baby Juice is then added to his din dins as added ‘protein!’
Special Din Dins
At the moment Ian is strapped into his High Chair sitting in a very nasty night diaper waiting for his breakfast which consists of cereal soaked in my own Pee overnight. We call it 
Baby has this every morning! Sometimes Nana or Auntie April provides the ‘juice!’
‘Too young’ to use cutlery anymore Baby uses his fingers at mealtimes to scoop up food and for this reason he is always put into his large plastic bib before any meal as he tends to be a messy eater! 
Unlike Grown Ups Ian no longer eats solid food. All his meals are either liquidised or commercial Baby Food. Baby is permitted to use a Sippy Cup at mealtimes but night feeds are always bottle or breast fed to him.
I do get great pleasure and satisfaction when I breast feed Baby and despite the excruciating frustration it causes Ian when suckling at my nipples I know he looks forward to this treat desperately!
At bedtime he has 3 bottles which he has to finish before being strapped into the cotand locked in the Nursery for the night. One bottle is Formula (with added sugar which he hates) One bottle is Apple or Pear Juice (plus diuretics) and one bottle is water. This combination ensures he has a very wet diaper every morning.
Visitors to the House
When guests arrive at the house Ian is placed in the Playpen in the living room either in his leotard and diapers or one of his pretty little Baby Frocks. His pacifier is strapped into his mouth to prevent any interruptions and his plastic bib is put on him because the pacifier causes him to dribble. Ian is provided with crayons and his colouring book.
During the visit he has to sit there ‘in silence’ while colouring in a number of ‘Ballerina Pictures’ in his colouring book as ‘gifts’ for Mummy’s visitors when they leave. Each picture has to be signed: Mummy’s Baby!
The shame Ian experiences whenever guests arrive at the house is obvious and the inevitable ‘diaper check’ infront of them merely increases his humiliation to an excruciating level.
I could go on however it is now time to clean up Baby and put him in the playpen as Auntie April and a Girlfriend are coming for coffee.
Ian’s Mummy (Courteney) x
OMG! Deliciously tormenting. Some sissies are perfectly suited to such a lifestyle. And crave such humiliation. Think I'd go mad. Eeeekkkkk!
This young lady seems to really understand the treatment that her husband needs. Long may it continue, and long may she tell us all about it. I want to be treated this way so much.
Awesome thanks for sharing. Love to hear more details about baby Ian. You mentioned he has to be a bay outside too. Any fun trips outside to share? Love to hear to how Ian journey started and who idea it was?

(09-14-2018, 12:03 PM)nicola waring Wrote: This young lady seems to really understand the treatment that her husband needs. Long may it continue, and long may she tell us all about it. I want to be treated this way so much.

Thanks for your reply Nicola. I'm glad you liked my explanation of Ian's training and tuition. Although it has been quite a demanding two and half years our relationship is stronger than it has ever been and the benefits we have experienced have been well worth the efforts we have applied.

(09-14-2018, 12:39 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: Awesome thanks for sharing. Love to hear more details about baby Ian. You mentioned he has to be a bay outside too. Any fun trips outside to share? Love to hear to how Ian journey started and who idea it was?


Glad you found my explanation of Ian's training and tuition of interest. In answer to your question about 'trips' the answer is yes however on each occasion Ian was absolutely terrified! Whenever we do go out Ian is permitted to wear 'Toddler Shorts' but these do little to disguise the thick padding of his diapers and booster pads. The rustle of his plastic panties is always very noticeable too. Twice we have gone to my Ladies Hairdressing Salon where Ian is required to sit 'in silence' and colour in the pictures in his 'Baby Book.'  We've also done one or two local restaurants where I know the waitresses. I insist that he uses his Sippy Cup and his meals are ordered from the children's menu always. Ian's journey started very simply as I found two magazines entitled 'Rubber Nurse' 'hidden' in what was his study. We talked that evening and looked through them together and by the morning Ian had confessed his love of diapers. We took it further and here we are!

(09-14-2018, 04:53 AM)sissysoft Wrote: OMG!  Deliciously tormenting.  Some sissies are perfectly suited to such a lifestyle.  And crave such humiliation.  Think I'd go mad.  Eeeekkkkk!
Thanks for your reply. No doubt Ian finds it 'tormenting' too!
Lovely article!
The ripple effect on Clare and Lauren April and her daughters means that the subjugation of males will grow exponentially in the next generation.
Also, the shift from penetration by the male to penetration OF the male clearly signifies the assumption of power by the female gender.
More and more ladies are revelling in their ability to take pleasure from the exercise of power, the rejection of PIV, and the training and use of the male tongue.
I love the sound of making the poor sissy 'play horsey'.

May I make a practical suggestion, though? If you cut a hole in just the right place in his nappy you, or his Nana, could still inflict this humiliation upon him, but there would be no clearing up to do, as any dribbles would go straight into the front of his nappy.

I'm ashamed to say I know full well how humiliating it is being taken like that while having to wear a nappy.

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